Welcome.. I want to bring to your attention the MC’s on a flashlight of jute yarn. I think he would have made an even greater comfort in your house!
It all starts with a sketch, we invent and implement! That’s how I drew about yourself on paper and in my head. I wondered how much I need to do and leaves a distance between stripes at the net, and of the diameter of the holes. The distance between the stripes thread, a little advice not to do, or about 1.5 cm2, height 15 cm flashlight.
According to the file, applying glue to the strip drawn, laid a thread, just wait, dried up, more glue. Thus, in one and another direction. As the glue dries, cut the thread on the drawing.
When all the trim, weave threads of braid and glue on one side from the other frames. White skin, bleached in white.
On the contour of the frame glue thread, it is useful to us when we gather together. Inside it make the initial drawing, do not pay attention!
Make a pile of leaves, who should be the size. Drawing on paper, place the paper in a file, apply the adhesive to the thread pattern and glue, cut off as needed, etc. Threads are cut at an angle that would not have been steps at the joints. The adhesive is applied only on a pencil.
Here is a frame I got such frames with the leaves we have to do 4 things. To the side ribs I used the skewers.Okleyte their thread.
Here’s what happened.
Here I also want to show the leaves, some already dry, one still in operation. Once the leaves dry out, but do not dry up completely, model some of them you want to shape them and dry. Cut along the contour if there are glue, generally bring it into order and work.
Here’s a naborchik it leaves for a torch and holder, as well dragonfly beauty!
Collect all four frames, sticking them to the ribs, glued fast on the top and make a frame from the skewers and thread pasted down bedplate, in the same way as the wall in a flashlight. Determine the size of the floor, making a frame from thread, sticking, crop, dry them, Wallpapers thread and glue to the flashlight. Decorative lid and bottom have a flashlight made of large leaves, they are made as well as small, then according to your taste they are placed on the top and bottom. Sam holds a flashlight on the leaf tips prikleinyh for him. The design of the whole is very easy!
On the lid is made loop turning into a flower, and of dragonfly on stem.
Bottom view on the cover lantern.
It is a decorative bottom of leaves, the very bottom of the mesh, it is possible to light a candle.
Already with a candle.
The holder is very simple that you’ll come up, fill out the curls, paste okleinuyu wire thread and dekoriruete it also leaves. This design should still be stronger than the flashlight.
That’s how it looks from the back side.
Here in all its glory! I closed Samu wire twisted leaves that would have been stronger, and it struck fear not!
Well, something like that! It looks great everywhere! Good luck in the works!
To complete his collection!
courtesy: liveinternet