How to make glass flower vase

How to make glass flower vase
glass flower vase
So for need: glass vase, small-ball clay (beads in it about 0.5 mm in diameter)
we can take big-ball (about 1.5 mm), but I personally like small more
Universal 3D contour (you can use the loop on glass and ceramics), of the tools only need a pair of scissors.
Ball clay is sold either in sets of 6-8 flowers, where it in plastic jars 40 grams, or in bags of one hundred grams.
The sets are usually very bright clay color of the category of “pluck the eyes”
and can be found in bags and quieter tones, in any case the desired color can be obtained by blending.
Buying ball clay, pay attention to the expiration date, as old,
completely dried resuscitation can not be.
When storing the ball clay settles and stratified on the basis of the gel beads and, therefore,
it should ALL get from a jar (the bag), mash and then separating the desired number.
glass flower vase
glass flower vase
Good mashed clay vase stuck to evenly distribute it across the surface,
Following that there were no holes align all joints. Note that upon drying
clay gives a small shrinkage, ie, barely noticeable holes may increase.
Check the evenness of the distribution of the best clay-through.
glass flower vase
Use scissors to cut the rough edges “of the neck.” I tried to bend the edges inward,
but after drying, they begin to puff up, so the crop, and not at the edge,
and stepping just a millimeter from the edge – it’s more convenient to use the vase. Then kata bowl in his hands, compressing her final aligning surface
glass flower vase
glass flower vase
glass flower vase
I close clay bottom, carefully aligning the joints I put out to dry on the battery. You can simply leave the table, but the battery will dry up.
glass flower vase
And, you can use a hair dryer to dry, but rather direct the jet into vases – from a hair dryer
It will be slightly warm the glass and the vase will be uniformly dry.
I have to save time doing parallel 2-3 bowls While vase dries, prepare a piece of clay for decoration.
glass flower vase
I’m on the entire surface of the vase is gone almost the entire jar (40 oz.) Blue clay.
I left a small ball, adding to it the same amount of white clay and literally a drop of black.
With black beware !!! This is a very strong color, so it is better not to report than to shift !!!
The photo black, even a lot, I used about a third of that of a pea. Thoroughly mix the clay in different colors. In the process of mixing an interesting here is the
glass flower vase
“harlequin” pattern, which can also be used, but this time I needed a solid color. After mixing I turned here is a gray denim color.
glass flower vase
It needs to be put back in the jar, close the lid and carefully wrapped in a package that would not dry prematurely Meanwhile vase dried up and you can start to decorate it. Blue universal contour drawing pattern. Then again, I leave to dry. (Dries long enough, so I at this stage gone for a walk with cubs   ) will continue the evening. Painted by the time pattern of well dried out.
She took stash of blue-denim piece of clay, mash it into a cake about 1.5 mm thick and cut out three squares. Prilep them to the surface of the vase, keeping the thickness and shape. Universal loop color painted steel “seam patching” and left to dry overnight. In the morning I decided that the need to revive a bit pattern and painted in the middle of a flowered and the circles. At the same time doing more and larger bowl partially coated ball clay.
Here’s what happened – all three bowls were made at the same time. Of P. .S. I forgot to say!!!!! Before the work bowl is desirable to degrease (I use nail polish remover). A finished work after drying, should be covered by any varnish.Otherwise vases become sticky when water gets on clay !!! I cover matte acrylic varnish
courtesy: filosofyfree
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