Hello dear residents of the Masters! Recently, I tried to make the irises of corrugated paper. Photographed stages of work, who could be useful.
Materials and tools:
1. corrugated paper (Italy 180 gr.) – Blue (# 557), White (# 600), green (# 591)
2. wire (thin)
3. teip Feed (dark green)
4. skewers
5. PVA glue
6. scissors
7. candy (I – “Fan Fan”)
8. Food film
9. paint (I gouache), brush
out of the blue paper on a flower squares cut 6 6 6 or 7 cm by 7 cm. The squares are cut diagonally and one inverted triangle, so to get the “rays”. PVA glue stick triangles with a thin wire between them.
According to the pattern or on the eye, the edges are cut lepestki.Po made waves.
Candy wrapped in foil (for me, it’s sweet, “Fan Fan”) Of white paper cut out a square of 5 by 5 cm, is a fringe and wrapped candy (tails inside), all tied with thread (I’m still on edge walked a thin polosochkoj glue).
The staggered, giving the leaflets curved shape, pick a flower.
Of the green paper (№591) cut leaves.
The staggered by teip-ribbon to the stem, the leaves are added.
Then, with white paint (I just gouache) and dry brush, you can walk on the petals of a flower.
Then – yellow.
Irises are ready!”
Anyone enjoy creativity!
courtesy: stranamasterov