How to make japanese shibori scarf

How to make japanese shibori scarf

Shibori – so-called folding batik. The result achieved by the banding and tissue staining. This technique has Japanese roots.



  • Crepe de chine average density.
  • Plastic pipe diameter. 11 cm (with a thickening at the bottom), 50 cm length.
  • Twine (nylon, linen).
  • Paints on silk.
  • Brushes.
  • Scotch.

Prepare tissue staining. In a small tank breed paint to dip a piece of cloth. Paint over it. The fabric is dried and ironed.


Begin to wrap the cloth around the pipe. The top corner of the fabric mounted on a pipe tape.

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Tightly wrap the cloth around the pipe string. The distance between the turns of about 1.5 cm.

Remove the tape, put a tube in a vertical position and pull the fabric to form a tight ring.


Painting tissue. We make Kohler (three colors, turquoise, green, blue) and start painting from one tone to another, putting the tube horizontally, preferably by substituting a tube shape drip paint. Reserve tube in this position until dry (24 hours).


Unwind the cord, remove the fabric. In places where the fabric was tightly strapped twine, remained blue. Secure painted iron, treat edge.



The scarf is ready.

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