How to make “Jar with dandelion” pendant

How to make "Jar with dandelion" pendant

How to make “Jar with dandelion” pendant


We will need:

– Polymer clay red, yellow, green;

– Versatile strong glue;

– Glass jar with a lid height 4cm;

– Acrylic paint in black and white;

– Light green transparent bead 0,5 cm;

– Colorless glass beads 0.5 cm 2 pieces;

– Costume jewelery pins;

– Costume jewelery stud;

– Connecting rings 0,4 cm;

– Small terminals for cable;

– Waxed cord light green and red;

– Small chain;

– Suspension of plant subjects;

– Brush;

– A thin knife for polymer clay;

– The toothpicks;

– Needle;

– Narrow the stack;

– Round;

– Clippers;

– Tweezers;

– A rolling pin to polymer clay.

Step-by-step instruction:

1) Cut a strip of yellow and makes an incision

Yellow clay roll out as thin as possible in the form of a long strip width of 0,8. A blade or a special thin knife on the long side of the strip make frequent cuts.

2) curl strip

Take costume jewelery safety pin with pliers and squeeze her ear to make it narrower. Around the eye obkrutite yellow strip cuts up. I should get a flower, like a dandelion. Bloom size should be slightly larger than the diameter of the neck of your jars.

3) leaves Lepim

Green clay mash, its a small piece of roll into a thin cake. With a knife, cut out of it long oblong leaves 2cm. For one, you will need 2-3 dandelion leaves. Draw a toothpick on the leaf surface, shallow veins.

4) Create the stem

A piece of white clay, mix with a piece of green. Roll a small ball out of it and put on a pin with a flower. Stretch the ball white and green clay uniformly over the pin, to get the stem.

5) Cut small elements sepals

Now mix a piece of yellow clay with a white and green. It is necessary that the color was very gentle green. Clay roll out as thin as possible. Cut a strip of width 0,7 cm and cut into 0.2 cm wide narrow triangles.

6) cleave sepals

Take the 5 elements for sepals and cleaves them to the bottom of the flower so that the sharp tips of the sepals looked up. Smooth elements to the stem with the help of the stack.


7) are folded down sepal

Now the elements sepals bend down.

8) cleave leaves

To stem Prilep 2-3 sheet and place your flower on cotton, on which it is baked.

9) Lepim ladybird, bake

Red clay ball roll diameter 0,6sm, then shaped ball form ladybird. Draw a knife head and wings of a ladybug.

10) makes the grass in a jar

Mix green and yellow clay, to get a light green color. Roll of this clay sausage 2cm length and thickness corresponding to the diameter of the neck of your parison. Insert the sausage into the jars. Next round sausage stack press down to the bottom of the jar to clay cover the bottom evenly. On its surface with a toothpick or an awl make a lot of small depressions that looked like grass. In the center of the grass island make a hole to the bottom, the diameter of the holes must be the same as the thickness of the stem of a dandelion. Now bake jar with grass, dandelion and ladybug.

11) Coloring ladybird

Acrylic paint color head ladybug black, paint black spots on the wings. White paint, draw eyes.

12) pasted ladybug and dandelion in a jar

Abdomen ladybug lubricate the glue with tweezers carefully place it in a jar on a grass surface. The end of the stem of a dandelion grease and glue with tweezers paste in a jar, the stem should insert into the hole grass island.

13) Attach the cover bead

A small bead light green color put on Costume jewelery carnations, dianthus shorten the tip and screw in the form of loops. In the center of the lid through-hole puncture. Put the lid on the costume jewelery pin to pin loop appeared below the cap. This eyelet attach beads. The upper end of the pins coming out of the lid, cut and twist in the form of loops.


14) Grease the neck adhesive

The neck of the jar with thick brush with transparent glue.

15) Cover Glue

Now close the jar with a lid and let the glue dry.

16) Attach the strap

To attach the eyelet on the cover of two transparent beads of jewelery by means of pins. By the beads by means of connecting rings, attach a long waxed cord with clips on the ends. If the cord is long, you do not need to buckle. By the eyelet on the cap you can attach a short piece of chain with a metal pendant. Around the bottle neck tie red waxed cord and tie it into a knot. Himself bundle grease glue, so it does not come undone.



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