How to make lanterns of thread

lanterns of thread lanterns of thread

How to make lanterns of thread

I show you how to make a New Year Christmas balls of plaster bandage and remembered the collection, which has long been prepared, retained in the draft and publish all forgotten. Air and delicate Christmas balls can be made from threads, yarn, jute and twine. They can decorate the Christmas tree, Christmas decorative composition complement, to make them even with lights and Christmas trees itself. I propose to look at the idea of a master class, and be inspired to work) with the coming!

And here is the lanterns, made in the same manner, using thread, glue and balloons

lanterns of thread (1)

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To create a Christmas tree balls, we need balloons, PVA glue and thread, it may be jute, twine, wool, or silk yarn, etc.

lanterns of thread (2)

Now look at how to make lanterns from yarn “melange”. Balloon grease with white glue and pulls strings to a certain height

lanterns of thread (3)

Lay off balls to complete drying of the adhesive

lanterns of thread (4)

That’s the beauty of can you get

lanterns of thread (5)