How to make large pots

large pots
Master large pots of boards “blockhouse”
large pots
Recently my husband and I made a large wooden bowls for our terrace. I saw on the internet related work but master-class on making vases because of the board block house I have not met. The idea to do a master class at me has arisen during the work, so imagine on a review of your brief photo workshop. I hope that my photos with explanations to help capture the essence of the whole process, and you will be able at will to make pots the size you want and color. For ourselves, we made four flowerpot: one large (86h30h72 cm) and three smaller (43h30h72 cm).In this master class, I’ll show you how to make one large and small pots.
Necessary materials:
– The board of the block house;
– Planed bar;
– Screws;
– Pinotex or any other treatment for timber;
– Liquid insulation;
– Paint (we took tikkurilu);
– Blue (V33 Lasure Bois);
– Metal pans (or any other framework for pots).
– Saw;
– Screwdriver;
– Roulette;
– Brush;
– A simple pencil.
First, we are sawn boards to the same segment of length 72 cm each (the height of the pot) in the amount of 26 pieces (16 pieces for a large flowerpot and 10 pieces for a small). Board blockhouse has a perfectly smooth surface and additional grinding it is needed. For small flowerpot we make two sides of the two boards and three sides of two boards. Boards connect by inserting the slots.
large pots large pots
 To make large flowerpot two side boards of six and two sides of the two boards.
large pots
From inside the screws fasten our bar board (optional board affixed with small portions – the remnants of the block-house, seen in the photo, where already painted).
large pots
large pots
From the bar saw off small segments-feet for pots (four feet per pot).
 large pots
Carefully paint over all of our blank inside. We had a little pinotex, dokrasili them blank for a small flowerpot, blanks for large flowerpot is already painted with paint.
large pots large pots
Then we coat with all connections and legs liquid waterproofing (additional protection against moisture). Beauty at this stage we have little concern, because the main thing – it’s practicality. The only disadvantage of the liquid waterproofing – a long time to dry, so we collected the pots until the next day.
 large pots
Putting pot and fasten the side screws (we took the screws number: 52,70 and 120 mm). Honestly, at this stage, no male power simply can not do. You can strengthen the side and special corners, but cheaper self-tapping screws.Photographed already collected pot since struggled to fasten the board helped her husband
large pots
 Then our paint pots outside. Paint alternately: azure and paint. Azure has a triple action: protects, impregnates the wood and embellishes (firing effect). You can paint all the frosting, too, is beautiful, but we have selected the strip, as we have striped terrace (and we picked up a paint to match our roof).
 large pots
On top of the bars set the appropriate size metal pallets (luckily they have been, but in the absence thereof, it is possible to make a wooden lattice).
 large pots large pots
On pallets put pots of flowers hang-downing. Our pot is ready!
 large pots
large pots large pots large pots
 courtesy: liveintetrnet
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