How to make magic walls

magic walls
We present to your attention an interesting idea – partition. On the eve of celebrations of all kinds, they will create an exciting magical mood, and the rest of the mystery and give comfort to any housing.
magic walls
You need
magic walls
• Pine boards
• Screws for wood
• Drill
• Long loop
• Heavy galvanized wire
• Brush
• Wax
• Long branch
• Paint finishes

 Make a frame

magic walls
It is necessary to make four rectangular box, connecting beams with screws. Then, attach the frame to each other loops. Note that the zigzag structure must be prepared! Tighten the 3 screws on each top and bottom of the bar, leaving the stick above the surface of the wood about a quarter lengths.

Decorating and decor

magic walls
Made of galvanized wire to do the frame, which will be located the branches. To do this, attach the wire to the screw-like strings of the guitar. Surplus clean forceps.

Frames dye in the color that you like. Once dry, they can be artificially aged, walking up to the surface with sandpaper with a large grain.

Let there be light!

magic walls
mall pieces of wire to secure the branch frame.

Then place on the branches of Christmas garlands monochrome. Optimally – to use garlands, not working on the network, and a battery. In this case, the partition will not be “tied” to one place, and extra wires on the floor to anything.

Include garland and enjoy the results of their labors.

courtesy: rukodelie.usamodelkina
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