How to make make a picture for gift

make a picture  (1)
To work requires
1. seeds.
2.grains. from the children plastelinovoy pastes or those that you have.
4.glue construction.
5.a brush, a pencil.
7.gun and glue with glitter.
make a picture  (2)
To begin preparing ramochku.Ya it painted in a bronze color.
Picked up a light green background of the fabric.
make a picture  (3)
On cardboard pasted with adhesive fabric construction (evenly smear glue on the cardboard and then glue).
Delve inside the frame and glue on the edge of the glue pistol.
make a picture  (4)
About represent what size we are and how many colors to sketch.
Just say in the process of adding all the things that I like, but aim for a good result.
make a picture  (5)
Begin gluing seeds in a circle starting at the top.
Close down substitute seeds so that instead of uniform.
make a picture  (6)
One seed can keep overlaps the other.
make a picture  (7)
Getting glue coffee beans around.
make a picture  (8)
Also, do not be afraid if you do not intermeddle grain, turn it sideways.
make a picture  (9)
Then decorate the floor beads.
make a picture  (10)
Like this.
In the center of the flower glue ready to flower from which you est.U me billet child plastelinovoy paste.
make a picture  (11)
From felt cut into leaves and glue on your imagination.
make a picture  (12)
I did so.
Wooden stick helped to stick a piece of paper seeds.
make a picture  (13)
Add the coffee beans.
make a picture  (14)
That’s it.
And he divided the flowers petals on adding like buds.
make a picture  (15)
There already are adding branches, dividing them into small pieces.
Add the white sequins.
make a picture  (16)
Like this.
make a picture  (17)
We cover the seeds and coffee beans varnish.
make a picture  (18)
Here you can see how shiny.
make a picture  (19)
Here is a picture I did.
make a picture  (20)