How to make medals for graduation

How to make medals for graduation

How to make medals for graduation


For girls.
Girls, I bought the red and white tape, 5 cm wide, white is not enough, add a pink to combine these colors, painted red acrylic.
At the top segments of tapes, 3.5cm wide, 12 cm long, it is for the “tails” of the coin.
At the bottom of the blank in the middle of the petals medals, width 2.5 cm, length of 4 cm.


№1 cardboard cut out circles with a diameter of 7 cm and less dense same (№2), then to seal nicely.
№3, to seal the center and stick it printed inscription.
№4, tape width 0.6sm, length 65cm , so that you can hang a medal around his neck.
№5, the petals of the tape, 5 cm wide, 5 cm length of the segments, it took 14 pcs.
№6, the petals of the tape width of 2.5cm, the length of 4cm, took 11 pieces.
Red petals melted and immediately stretched to get the bottom of the wave and made ​​a counter-fold.
tinted petals are too stretched at the top, one at the bottom of the fold.


The basis of the cardboard, 7 cm wide, for myself graphically to exactly stick .I draw a circle with a diameter of 4.5 cm to focus on the printing size.


First glued thin tape width 0.6 cm.
1st row, 7 pasted petals on the dotted line.


2nd row pasted in a checkerboard pattern.


3rd row slightly overlapping and slightly beyond the diameter of 4.5 cm, so that later from the inscriptions to be seen is nothing superfluous.


For the “tails” coin cut first 11 cm, it was too short, then cut to 12 cm belt width 3.5cm cut from the tape width of 5 cm, so the processed edges of the flame and the bottom of the processing of stretch to get a wavy edge.

8 (1)

Gluing tape together and glued to the reverse side of the coin.


This is the front side.
On her pasted cardboard, then to stick ,


For the boys.
Boys come up with petals-bells.
Chopped pieces of tape, 5 cm wide by 5.5sm.
Fold in half and cut the bell of 3 petals.
The bottom lobe processed, and the top and rounded teeth, holding face-down.


Cut flowers midway for a blue ribbon, 1.5 cm wide, 4.5 cm long, treated so as to get here such boats (see photo on the right, above the line), then struck a bell in the middle of the adhesive and glued blue ribbon.


On the index finger put the petal-bell bent one end of the thumb and caused glue.


Then he took the other side of the petal and pressed his thumb.


So the bell looked after bonding.


Or so.


I decided to escape and make …..just such invented composition of petals, bells))))) Perhaps such lobes may be useful, and in fact, not only in the medals.


Cut from the cardboard base diameter 5.5 cm, pasted on her petals, it took 12 pieces inside the void left somewhere to 2.5 cm, then to the cardboard with a diameter of 4.5 cm seal all superfluous.


And the reverse side of the coin too has stuck, so as not to be seen “tails.”
Boys used a blue and a blue ribbon, width 2.5, length 12 cm (mean tape “tails”), the bottom cut at an angle, crafted over the flame, pre-glued together and taped to the back side.


Here is the medal is unmarked.
The diameter of the medal for Girls 12 cm, 11 cm for boys.


Drawn by hand, it makes it clearer.


And here to the middle, printed, however, the year I had to write by hand marker.

095c4434106c1d83d118eeebe522021d (1)

And this is all the medals together



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