How to make mini decorative aquarium

mini decorative aquarium
You can make the aquarium with your kids for a few minutes. This aquarium you can put anywhere, he will decorate any room of your home.
  mini decorative aquarium
The necessary materials and tools:
– A regular hair gel
– A plastic container
– Plastic fish
– Multi-colored stones
– Artificial seaweed
– Food film
– Pipette (optional)
– LED Strip Light
– A wooden toothpick
Step 1: Choose a container under the aquarium, of any shape. Fall asleep to the bottom of the tank, pebbles or colored stones.Upon request to the aquarium look better, and be more realistic, you can put artificial seaweed in it.
Step 2: Fill in the blank ordinary hair gel. To save on the aquarium, it is best to buy the cheapest gel. If you gel with no bubbles, you can create them artificially using a pipette.
  mini decorative aquarium
Step 3: Next, decorate the aquarium marine life. With the help of a toothpick. Fish should be bilateral and light enough so they do not float on the bottom.
Step 4: If you want to aquarium was backlit, you can set the LED Strip under cover.
  mini decorative aquarium
Step 5: When you make an aquarium note that the gel may be eroding. So he slowly erode the surface of the gel gently cover with cling film.
Miniature Aquarium is ready! You can enjoy it with pleasure.
courtesy: rukodelie.usamodelkina
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