How to make mosaic peacock wall art

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How to make mosaic peacock wall art
The kingdom of the white peacock and heavenly beauty … The White Peacock. Mosaic bisera.Dina Fried Amazing, bright, talented work Dinah Fried. incredibly beautiful white peacock – eyes do not tear! In the course there are a variety of materials: Broken glass, beads, bugle beads, seed beads, crystals – all this magic stuff for work

mosaic peacock

First the outline
And then begins the mystery of magic, or create plans. .. The White Peacock in
And here is the blue sky appeared. And outline peacock
At peacock tail grows


tail Detail
Panel  “The White Peacock”  is made in the technique of mosaic, on the author’s technology combining different materials. Here and tiles, and color stained glass, deposits of beads and beads, mother of pearl buttons, gold glass beads, Swarovski stones and many other things. This panel can be considered infinite and continually find more and more new elements. On the mosaic depicts a bird with the delicate tail, like a falling lace wedding dress. White peacock symbolizes the feminine, its purity and refinement. The bird sits on a sprawling branch of orange tree, against a pure blue sky neba.Takoe is only in Mediterranean countries. On these places also says landscape at the bottom of the panel – green fields rastilayutsya to the horizon. Looking at the panels with a fabulous peacock, You seem to be attached to the mystery of the feminine principle, the essence of which – life itself. Size: 30h90 cm.


Tangerines ripe. You can shoot the harvest


 The tail grows and blossoms


 tail Detail


 It’s time to start background.


 A little more advanced.


 In the bottom circle appeared almost Mediterranean landscape


Background ready. But this is not the end. Ahead of smoothing and deburring
Mosaic glass has sharp edges, it is easy to cut yourself. To avoid this, I put on a mask, goggles, gloves, closed clothes, pick up a tool and start to grind. Glass dust is flying in all directions. But the article goes Gorny and pleasant to the touch

139 140 141 142

White Peacock finished. It can be considered a very long time and are constantly finding new and new details. It is made in the original technique of mixed mosaic  Here and stained glass, and ceramic tile and colorful beads and beads made of different materials, and mother of pearl buttons and pearl beads and Swarovski stones, and a lot of all sorts of additives.

courtesy: delaemrukami

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