How to make mural name plate

mural name plate

Here’s a post dedicated to my lovely sister. She has made some really amazing name plates. And I will be sharing with you how to make your own. Here’s the list of things you will need:

wooden plank/ cardboard
dental powder
acrylic paints and brushes
rubber moulds (optional)


So to get started, cut the plank in the desired shape, it could be square, rectangle or oval. For texture on the plank, make a paste by using dental powder and glue. There are two kinds of dental powder available in the market: yellow and white. She used yellow one. After the paste is ready, apply it on the plank and let it dry for some time. Then using any sharp tipped/edged tool, make patterns on it. My sister chose to make horizontal lines. But any pattern works fine. And she used crushed stone kind of material on the borders. You could even use sand. It gives a nice grainy look. Now allow it to dry completely.

Now to write the name and make shapes she used this m-seal compound shown below. And glued them onto the plank.

Here is how the board looks with the name and shapes. She made the Ganesha idol using a rubber mold. She filled the mold with dental powder paste and let it dry.

After everything has dried, she painted it with black acrylic paint. And let it dry.

Now to add colour, she used different metallic paints. After the paints have dried, she sprayed a coat of varnish. Now, all we need is to let the spray dry. Here is the final product. It’s so colourful and amazing.


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