How to make organizer from cardboard

Organizer cardboard
  • a carton
  • Paper gift to our liking
  • hot silicone
  • glue stick or white glue
  • masking tape
  • laces or ribbons to our liking
  • transparent thumbtacks.
  • cardboard toilet paper.
  • books adhesive liner
  • a mirror
  • Velcro
Select one side of the box I split the rest. As the idea is to go closed as a cube, I added two other pieces of cardboard sides, to give me the measure. Do not put the measures I use because it depends on the box or the size elijáis queráis.Si want a reference, over and closed my organizer measures 40 cm high, 24 cm wide and 21 deep.
 organizer from cardboard organizer from cardboard
We stick with masking tape added, and fold in half the sides and reinforce with more tape, as seen in the foto.Cortamos a square piece to use as cover and stick in the middle section with tape over coachbuilder that we will often hinge. (I did not at this point, because I did not realize, and I had to reline all over again, that you not pass like me, this is the time)
 organizer from cardboard
We covered everything and paste a base the size of the closed box, previously lined too, but only the rear half, as the organizer must be able to open as seen. Now is the time to cover everything with plastic sticker books.
 organizer from cardboard
We measure and cut the shelves and spaces for drawers as we desire, in this case, I chose two drawers arrived more or less halfway high and two shelves, one will be the roof of the drawers, and another in the middle of the spare part.
 organizer from cardboard
Here you see how it goes running with the cap and everything lined.
 organizer from cardboard
Square cut cardboard, in this case 10 X 10 cm, for the lateral drawers and two cardboard boxes more per square, to form the walls thereof. The paper we line with glue stick or white glue, as we find it more comfortable. We stick with hot glue the rectangles squares, forming a corner (see photo), and then stick with more silicone side of our organizer, placing them to taste. Once they are glued, strengthen the bond below with more silicone.
We covered a roll of toilet paper and paste in the middle of one of the shelves, will be an ideal place to put pencils or place coleteros.
Form drawers similarly, but with 4 rectangles; a base will be, must be of the same depth, but a little shorter than our space, 3 will be the side and should be a narrower than mm height where they will stuck, and the last one will be the cover, which it should be slightly larger than the space for cajón.Montar the drawer when this lined each rectangle. As handle drawers I used a transparent pin to which I have cut off 2/3 skewer and stuck with silicone to the center of the top of each drawer.
To close’ll use 3 latches: 1) will be the main, a rectangle about 10 x 2 cm to which we can round off the narrow sides. What we line, and helping a rule, we fold in half.One half stick in one of the doors. We adhere a piece of adhesive velcro on our close, trying to have stuck the other hand, closed the door and closing, so stay glued to their exact location velcro both sides.
To close the top cover, we cut two triangles of cardboard, we line and paste it into the corners of the puestas.Les stick velcro, close the lid and both sides remain fixed.
We stick a mirror on the tapa.Lo we can skirt a cord or lace or what this wonder deseemos.Y so we left. Let’s enjoy it.
 courtesy:  tratadodeunamaruja
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