How to make origami gift box

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In every life
only time
Often his first,
his memorable class.
September 1 – the road and close to each of us a holiday.
On this day, we all feel ourselves as a large and friendly family school.
All first-graders in the day surrounded by love and attention!
In our family the preparations for the holiday began with the production of knowledge presents future first-graders.
Active participation of all members of the family have taken,
but top performer was our future pupil Anya.
Sweet gift in a beautiful package, we decided to give each student in the class.
Boxes instructed to make a future student.
Anya is familiar with the technique of origami, and coped with the task easy.
Prepared paper (10×10 cm square).
On the manufacturing floor boxes need 4 squares.
We outline two lines.
The lower part of the divide in half.
Further gradual folding photo.
8 9 10 11 12 13
To assemble the required 4 blanks.
The intermediate stage of assembly.
15 16
At the bottom of all inserts lay in his pockets. (See photo 5)
The view from the bottom side. Assembling the bottom of the box is finished. Anya easily coped with this task.
For the manufacture of the top of the boxes required 4 square 10×10 cm.
We outline two diagonal lines.
On one of the diagonal lines outline the middle (see. Pencil marks).
Fold should not be over the entire plane.
Next, add up the photo.
22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Before proceeding to the next step, I advise you to give the paper a bend with a wooden stick.
29 30

Step twist cooler is more difficult to perform.

The work requires skill. Our future origamistka Anya asked for help.


The intermediate stage of assembly.

Boll is ready. At this point, Anya finished his career over
several weeks. Tasks she is offered daily.
She miscalculated the number of students and is offered daily at 2 boxes.
It is making more difficult the work was entrusted to the rest of our family origamistam.
For the production of roses need 4 squares 7,5h7,5. Sheet divide in half (a small label).
Further gradual folding photo.
Note that one fold “valley” and the other “mountain”.
Fold perform up to the mark.
39 40 41
Pencil line shows the fold “valley”.
I advise you to accurately perform the fold to make scoring between points.
42 43 44
Make two coolers and turn the work.
4 stacked blanks.
Putting first two blanks. Coolers, tendrils of the first and second blank is twisted together
The intermediate stage.
4 twisted bars and twirled mustache 4 double. For more successful work, I advise you to use the cooler while twisting a wooden stick.
Rose is well kept on the cover of the box with an additional
twisting floral tendrils with a mustache covers.
Our flower boxes are added every day.
I hope that someone will want to repeat our idea.
courtesy: filosofyfree

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