How to make paper coasters

How to make paper coasters

How to make paper coasters

These are the supports under cups (cups) can be made into a gift to his school friend. Well, with another figure – you can give anyone.


One need stand 5 sheets of office paper (A4 format) or just 5 album sheets. Paper can be on the one hand, even with printed text, as I have.

So: Fold the sheet in half lengthwise and cut bureaucratic knife to get 2 pieces.


Each part also add up and cut in half, as a result we get 4 pieces.


And finally, all these 4 strips again folded in half and cut. Total from one sheet we get 8 strips.


Each strip shape as the photo, ie bend 3 times (printed side inside) and sizing.


Get here are the little white strip. Again, we coat them with glue and twists


When over one rim, butt glue, etc. next We attach the product shape.


My son and I decided to make a round and square.

8 (1)

Well, now the most interesting – a decoration. Take your favorite napkin, cut out the desired shape us, we separate the top layer, and sticking to the PVA, diluted with water 1: 1


Brush should be little to drive the napkin that was a relief to see the stand.


When the cloth is dry, proceed to the coloration. Since we have a pirate cloth, we decided to make our stands for gold bullion. Used gold and brown acrylic paint.


The reverse side is also painted in the same colors.


Covered with several layers of acrylic lacquer on both sides.


Well, that’s the use of our stands. One of them is my friend Nikita presented on February 23, and each, in turn, was very glad such a gift.


With such crafts handle himself the child (student), but, I think, help mothers in this matter would be very nice for him! What would be nice to give the child a gift made with your own hands !!!



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