How to make paper flowers for scrap booking

How to make paper flowers for scrap booking

How to make paper flowers for scrap booking

Paper flowers are very popular in this form of needlework, as scrap booking. Flower can act as a central part of the whole composition, as well as serve as a nice decoration for any cards or scrapbook pages in the album. Without a doubt, flowers for scrap booking in a huge range of shops can be found in craft, but if you want individuality and originality of their work, then make flowers out of paper with your own hands! 


For the manufacture of these colors, you will need almost the same materials and tools: double-sided decorative paper for flowers glue ink, glitter (optional) circular punch (diameter of a circle of about 2.5 cm) To start a circular punch (or scissors) make 6 equal circles of the two-way paper for scrap booking.


Bend 5 circles as shown in the photo (circle can be divided into 4 equal segments, marking the end points for the connection):

Before you will paste all 5 petals, make sure that they are all ideally located on the 6th flower petals. You may need to “fit” in the folds up or down.


This is how should look your flower:


Add in the middle of a flower brads, a button, sequins decorate the petals, walk along the edges of the stamp pad and get a very nice paper flower


If you originally put slices slightly more complicated method, the color will turn more lush and interesting! Look closely at the picture and understand how to fold the petals. Pay attention to flowers that decorate these paper flowers made with your own hands!



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