How to make paper mache vase

How to make paper mache vase


  • PVA glue,
  • gypsum,
  • newspaper or white paper
  • metal screw cap from mayonnaise jars,
  • scissors,
  • a small balloon
  • Brown and beige acrylic paint,
  • Lacquer (I acrylic).


The process itself:
1.Naduvaem balloon thread and tied it (depending on the size of the size of podstavochki) rvёm paper into small pieces, divorce PVA in a bowl of water for papier mache (about 1: 3, ie, for example, 1 tbsp. Spoon PVA glue and 3 tbsp. tablespoons of water). Now our balloon generously lubricate the PVA solution and uniformly paste pieces of paper in several layers. Allow it to dry for a day or two in the sun, after putting on the cellophane. During the drying process sometimes turn the ball so that it is well dried up from all sides.


2. After the papier mache our dried, puncture the balloon and trim the edges of the invented circuit. 3. Take the metal lid, fill it with a mixture of gypsum + PVA and put it in our procurement. Giving dry. 4. The next step cover our entire workpiece with a thin layer mixture of gypsum + PVA (the consistency of liquid sour cream). Allowed to dry upside down.


5. After drying again cover the blank solution PVA + water and cover with a cloth, gently stroking it and making small coattails. Left to dry. Then again, repeat with a new cloth. Again we leave to dry.


6. Once dry, cut the cloth on the contour we created. And once again we reveal the solution of PVA + water. Left to dry. 7. Paint all of our blank brown. Once dry, take the tough dry brush, remove some of the paint on a sheet of paper and toning with beige paint. Stain lightly across the folds.


8. To podstavochki was not hard, I’m on a small amount of gypsum taped a piece of foam.

8 (1)

Well, that’s all. Stand ready. It is possible to do high, low, whatever … You can now put in her beaded bonsai.



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