How to make peacock diya

How to make peacock diya

How to make peacock diya

Courtesy: Urvashi Pandey Karpur

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1. Diya
2. Colours
3. Shilpkar
4. Brushes
5. Glue
6. Glittery Glue ( but by mistake in the pic I kept plastic mirrors so ignore that plz )
7. Last but not the least chocolate to keep u happy happy
and in the last the choco wrapper can be used for very main thing in the craft..which u will see in the next pic


Make the shilpkar dough and make the
Neck, Wings, Feather Part, etc
Sorry I was so excited that I forgot to click pics of the wings and the neck.
Rest I clicked of everything is the pic of Feathers …After giving the desired shape keep it on the choco wrapper..It will be easy for you to pull it apart when it dries or else it will stick and you will have to literally pull it hard which will make it loose it’s shape and beauty.
So any smooth plastic poly will do the needful


The Head Crest

Small tiny Lil flowers


The leaves

All these shilpkar shapes will take nearly half an hour to 90 mins ( as mentioned on the box) to dry and to become lil give the desired the shape and let it rest for sometime ..If u try pasting it then it will not happen and also it will loose the shape. Be patient ( which I wasn’t ??) and in the meanwhile go and finish ur other pending work like kitchen and All ??
And when u will be free u can see that it’s 80% dry and now u can easily lift it in your hands and paste it I did. Before that PAINT THE DIYA WHICH WILL NOT TAKE MUCH TIME TO DRY and then you can stick it.

8 (1)

This is how it will look


Paste those small flowers too very carefully .


Now this is how it will look ???…


Now start painting. Take zero no.brush to paint these lil Beauties so that ur paint doesn’t touch the other things ??


And here it is

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