How to make photo frame from denim

photo frame
How can create a creative photo frame for our special photos???… here is the solution….
 photo frame
For the production of a framework for a photo with their hands need to:
– thick cardboard (you can use cardboard boxes of shoes, household or digital equipment);
– old jeans (or any other fabric that will have your taste)
– sintepon or wool for filling the frame;
– glue, scissors, a sharp knife, a ruler, a pencil. 1. On a piece of cardboard to mark up the workpiece, in which the outer frame 13 * 17 cm, and the inner frame 8 * 12, respectively, the distance between the outer and inner frame of 2.5 cm. Cut the preform with a knife with a ruler. 2. Prepare a piece of fabric about the size of 15 * 19 cm (size already given allowances for hem). Carefully apply the adhesive to the prepared frame and glue it to the tissue from the wrong side exactly in the middle. Then take a pair of scissors cut in the middle of the fabric as shown in the photo and also paste all four sides of the fabric to the edges of the cardboard frame

3. The resulting blank put face down.Since the lateral vertical sides of the frame, evenly fill the space under the cardboard padding polyester or wool. Tuck allowances and glue them to the frame. Do the same with the horizontal sides of the frame. 4. You can decorate the frame with original buttons or other accessories. Next, take the finished picture, glue it onto a piece of cardboard with a size slightly larger pictures. Attach a photo to the board


courtesy: Liveinternet
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