How to make polymer balls

How to make polymer balls

How to make polymer balls

Plastic balls – a favorite toy of many children. Babies often lose their further submission is made, using which you can make a ball with their hands. Using this recipe can easily experiment because changing the proportions of the chemical composition affects the density and other characteristics of the product.


The ingredients needed to make the polymer balls in the home:
– Corn starch;
– Borax (available in the shop with laundry facilities);
– Food dyes;
– warm water;
– PVA glue;
– sticks for mixing;
– Measuring spoons;
– Plastic cups;
– zip-lock plastic bags;
– watch with a second hand;
– Ruler and Marker.


Here are the steps of manufacturing a ball:
1. Add half a teaspoon of borax powder in two tablespoons of warm water.
2. Mix the ingredients thoroughly until the borax has dissolved completely.
3. Add any food coloring if you want to make a bead color. You can add sequins or other adornments.
4. Add half a teaspoon of the resulting solution in a tablespoon of glue, backfill tablespoon of cornstarch. Let the ingredients interact with each other and do not mix composition.
5. Wait 15 seconds and then mix thoroughly until the mixture is smooth.
6. Wait until the mixture hardens, and begin to roll the balls between your hands until the material no longer sticks to the hands. Now you can play!
7. Once you have made ​​a ball with your hands, keep it in a plastic bag.



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