How to make poppy flower from ribbon

poppy flower from ribbon

How to make poppy flower from ribbon


scrunchy (flower diameter 6.5 cm)

Brooches (flower diameter – 4.5 cm)

Clip-Machine (flower diameter – 6.5 cm)


I’ll try to start your class. I apologize in advance for the use of classes other artists with a more detailed description of the manufacturing of petals, stamens¬†
Photo 1.Nam need:
– red satin ribbon (I use 5 cm wide, for a small flower (4.5cm) cut into strips cautery 1,2sm * 5,0sm, for more flowers (6.5 cm) – strips 1,7sm * 7,0sm)
– Satin ribbon green for leaves and midway;
– black thread for the stamens;
– a circle of fabric to the back side;
– the basis for brooches, scrunchy or a barrette machine.


Photo 2-3. Making the petals of the strips on the MC GalinaVenikova –
Photo 4-5. Collect flower:
1st row – 12 petals (for convenience, even distribution and smooth petals range I use cardboard circle divided into 12 equal parts);
2nd row – 10 petals.


We connect our flower stamens and midway with glue
Photo 8. Because I cut the green ribbon cautery leaves any form.
Photo 9. Merge leaves of 3pc.
Photo 10. Glue the leaves on the back of the flower. Fix the pin for brooches on a circle of red cloth.
Photo 11. We connect with our circle fabric flower. And we get the opposite direction 


So, instead of pins to brooches can be used for hair elastic or bobby pin machine.

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