How to make puggy bank from plastic bottle

To make the puggy banks, I followed most of Martha’s instructions, which you can find here. I made a few changes as well, to turn the plastic soda bottle from a pig to a pug. Come along, I’ll show you. I’ve included free printable instructions and a puggy bank face template at the bottom of this post, as well.

puggy bank from plastic bottle

puggy bank from plastic bottle


2 Liter Soda Bottle – cleaned and dried

4 Empty spools of thread

Hot glue gun

Masking tape

Torn newspaper strips (make sure 1/3 of the strips have black writing only)

Flour and water at 1:1 ratio mixture

Craft paint ( I used Martha Stewart’s Multi-Surface Craft Paint in colors: Wedding Cake, Acorn, and Black)

Decoupage ( I used Mod Podge Matte)

Brown paper bags or craft paper

Black and red construction paper

Black felt

Cork – large enough for coins (I purchased mine at the local hardware store)

Thin tipped craft paint brush (for the face details)

Sanding block

Craft knife

Black marker

Handheld hole punch (optional)

File folder or thin cardboard (for the puggy ears #8 on template)

Puggy Bank face and ears template (see below)

puggy bank from plastic bottle


1-With a marker draw a line down the center of the bottle, making the top of the puggy head line up with one of the bumps at the bottom of the bottle.

2-Hot glue the empty spools to the bottom of the bottle for legs; and then tape them down to secure.

3-Cut out all of the pieces on the Puggy Bank face template.

4-Using the template piece #8, trace cut out the ears from a file folder or thin cardboard.

5-Using template pieces #1, 5, 6, and 7 traces and cut out from the black construction paper.

6-Using template pieces #4 and 8 traces and cut out from the paper bag or brown craft paper.

7-Fold ear template on dotted line and tape the ears to the bottle.

puggy bank from plastic bottle

8-Remove the soda bottle cap, scrunch up a piece of newspaper and tape it around the soda bottle nozzle to create the puggy bottom.

puggy bank from plastic bottle

9-Twist 1-1/2 pieces of newspaper together to create a tail that starts thicker and gets thinner, and then tape the thicker portion the back- top side of the puggy bottom. Add more tape, making sure to cover the bottle opening.

puggy bank from plastic bottle

10-Continue to twist the tail and wrap with masking tape until you have a tail shape. Cut off excess.

puggy bank from plastic bottle

11-Mix up a flour and water mixture until no lumps.

12-Dip newspaper strips into the mixture and starts applying. Apply one coat and let dry overnight.

13-Apply second coat and let dry again.

14-Apply the third coat using the black print-only newspaper strips. Let dry. To speed up drying I used a hairdryer, but you can also use a fan like Martha suggests.

puggy bank from plastic bottle

15-Cut out a circular hole in the bottom of puggy for the cork, making sure hole is smaller than the largest portion of the cork; and cut a slit in the top of the puggy for inserting money.

puggy bank from plastic bottle

16-Mix paint 2:1 Wedding Cake and Acorn; add 1 part decoupage and a few drops of water and apply with a paintbrush, two light coats. Let dry.

17-Apply a coat of decoupage only.

puggy bank from plastic bottle

18-For the nose (piece#6) fold width-wise and punch a hole using the hole punch to make nostrils, or cut out small hole if a hole punch is not available.

puggy bank from plastic bottle

19-Using decoupage, apply pieces #1 and 2 to face, and then and then #3 and 4, and then #5 and 6. Finally, attach pieces #7 to ears. Smooth all pieces down with damp fingers to get good adhesion on the bumpy surface. Let Dry. Apply second coat decoupage, smooth down some more, if needed and let dry.

puggy bank from plastic bottle

20-Add two white dots for the eyes and black dots as whiskers, let dry. re-coat with decoupage if desired.

21-Dab black craft paint on the bottoms of the paws and around the edges of the paws.

22-Cut out black felt pieces for the bottom of the paws, attach with decoupage – TIP: Trim off a small inside section of feeling on the inner part of the paws to make the piggy bank more sturdy.

puggy bank from plastic bottle

puggy bank from plastic bottle

Thank you!

courtesy: stowandtellu

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