How to make quilling poppy

How to make quilling poppy

How to make quilling poppy

Poppy – flower puzzle symbolizes the beauty of life and the horror of death, the Red Star, the world-blown in the border that separates good and evil.

One of the most vivid colors in the world, poppy attracts attention. A field overgrown with poppies, like a sea of fire, whose waves, sighing in the wind, give the world its wonderful flavor …. Here is a delicate flower and the air turned inspired beauty poppies !!!!!


For poppy petals office I used red paper 80 g / m 2 cut to the 2 mm. For one need petals – 8 droplets of a diameter of 14 mm; 6 petals in floral pattern, then you need to be 48 droplets.
Learn more about how to do quilling elements you can read in the article: Quilling for beginners: materials, tools, equipment
Putting together the two petals and four petals together.


For midway – poppy we have 5 table to chek twisted into a tight roll of light green stripes 2 mm office paper of 80 g / m 2 and two tight roll darker shade of green paper 120 g / m 2. From a tight roll of dark shades make the cone. Then glue all elements – dark green cone + roll top + midway around the cone-shaped paste 5 light green dense rolls.
Also, we need to midway – two “snowflakes” – green and black colors 8polosok width of 1 mm and a length of 3,75sm (cut one strip 8 parts). Then glue the two together, “snowflakes” – attach a convex shape, and the middle of a green paste.


Now combine all our preparation and poppy ready,



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