How to make ” sea bottle ” from nasypushka

How to make '' sea bottle " from nasypushka
How to make ” sea bottle ” from nasypushka
sea bottle " from nasypushka
Good time of day, dear inhabitants of the countries of the Masters!
This sea bottle “in the context”. Simultaneously view and captures the depths of the sea and clouds. And it can be seen from all sides)
Execution of the bottle does not require the skills of working with nasypushkami and tools necessary minimum. And all that will fit for her jewelry can be found in any home. So I decided to do the MC.
You will need:
– salt
– paint (gouache to color salt and acrylic to paint the bottle)
– a funnel
– a plastic tube / scrap hose, anything that tight will put on “leg” of the funnel
– spoke
– seashells
– millet
– the cork from the bottle
– twine
– candle
– brush
– teaspoon
– double sided tape
– adhesive
– decorative colored stones, which you can buy in a flower shop. But without them, and you can do without.
I will not describe how to paint salt. This has been done here in this wonderful master class: .
The difference is that I am, I prefer it to dry in the sun, exhibiting plates dyed with salt on the windowsill. A wipe using a small wooden spoon. Its rounded shape is somehow easier to bear in a sieve.
CAUTION! Do not try to wipe the salt hands! Let it dyed and beautiful, but hurt the skin like a normal white.
Salt must first measure. To do this, the easiest way to pour it into the bottle, and then to add 20 percent to the outage. Usually dyed salt is, but it’s better than it is not enough. But in this case it is not fatal because the white salt and will be used at the end.
I took four colors: emerald green, blue, blue and purple. Each color is about fifty-fifty. But the green and blue a little more.
sea bottle " from nasypushka
To make it more interesting color transitions in the bottle, I mix a little bit of green, purple and blue salt.
sea bottle " from nasypushka
Colored stones thoroughly dry with a towel. Moisture in the bottle is not allowed.
sea bottle " from nasypushka
Millet gold acrylic paint. Dry brush pick up paint from the jar and transferred to wheat “at random”. Better to take a brush with stiff bristles. Then easier to “poke”) If you do not want to wait for it to dry, dry the hair dryer. Millet resembles a golden beads!
However, if the paint is not, and so it will look good, because his role – to imitate the sea bottom.
sea bottle " from nasypushka
But the funnel and the tube. The latter should be slightly bent. Only then the salt will not go into the center and at the edges of the bottle.
The tube was put on “leg” of the funnel as tightly as possible. Will trouble, if it falls into the bottle, spoiling the job.
sea bottle " from nasypushka
And now the fun!
In general, the preparation takes quite a long time. A creative process is short. Bottle we nicely fill in 20 minutes maximum!
CAUTION! Containers must be completely dry. Beforehand, it is better for a few days, wash it and leave it open to prevent destructive salt condensate. While working to keep a bottle of the best in the world and at eye level in order to control the thickness of the layers.
First pour pebbles.
sea bottle " from nasypushka
Then drop into the neck of the funnel with perekreplennoy tube and begin to pour a teaspoon of corn. Pour while rotating funnel. Thus, the curved tube allows effortlessly uniformly fill all the bottom.
sea bottle " from nasypushka
Now comes the time of salt.
I worked out for two basic rules:
1. Beginning with the work of salt, do not touch the bottle. Do not rotate it. In no case do not shake, unless this is required by the plan.
2. Coordinated work of hands. With one hand, you have to pour salt into the funnel, the other that same funnel turn to lay the salt waves inside the bottle. Of course, when you want to get a specific image is a little more complicated. But here we need only a thin and wide multicolored layers, so that’s enough.
The work begins with a blue, purple and mixed (three, remember?) Salt. Slowly pour a teaspoon of salt mixed into the funnel by turning it. Here are such waves.
sea bottle " from nasypushka
Next – purple. Then – blue. Try to alternate with a thin layer of fat, and there, haphazardly less salt, pour over the other, providing a uniform filling of the bottle.
sea bottle " from nasypushka
Pour one-half centimeters, you will see that the “funnel” formed inside. It is necessary to fall asleep midway to “funnel” on the edge of the collapsed inward. It is also easy to do.Remove the tube from the funnel and then pour in the salt is exactly in the middle. The color may be any, though white salt, but if you are just starting out, it is better to use the appropriate color. No wonder we so nakrasili?)
sea bottle " from nasypushka
So alternating layers and do not forget about the middle, we fill the bottle about 1/3. It is time to finish with the “sea” and go to “heaven”.
sea bottle " from nasypushka
Last “Sea” layer should be wide. This is done in order. surface to align the “sea” without affecting the inner layers.
Remember I talked about the plan?)
Carefully ohlopyvaya bottle palms on the sides, like a potter clay until you get to the surface became smooth. Not perfect. Sea slight excitement is permissible)
sea bottle " from nasypushka
Take the white, green and blue salt and start to fall asleep, “the sky”. Just as “sea”. The only difference – alternating thin layers broader than the “sea” layers. Because we now do not wave, but the clouds)
As the filling of the bottle, lift the funnel. And when you go to the neck, the tube will not be needed. Just pour through a funnel, alternating layers.
sea bottle " from nasypushka
When the bottle is sprinkled on, the time comes to needles. Because salt is necessary to fill in the bottle very tight., That it is not settled then.
sea bottle " from nasypushka
Carefully insert the needle into the middle of the bottle. The basic rule – it should not touch the walls of the bottle, so as not to damage the layers. In the center – it does not hurt. Start “utalkivat” needle salt dosypaya new layers.
This should be done gradually. Potolkli – allow salt to settle and take his place. Then again, help her with that needle. As long as the salt does not tamp to such an extent that the needle does not fit into the bottle. Haste is not needed at all. I prefer to seal the neck of the bottle in about a day after the end of filling.
Seal the neck is very easy again. We light a candle, and, drop by drop, pour into a bottle of paraffin. It is not necessary to fill to the brim. Leave room for the plug. The previous photo shows how much I have left.
Zastynuv, paraffin no longer allow to move layers. The bottle is sealed tightly.
Getting external decoration.
To do this, degrease the bottle (I always do that which is at hand, that is nail polish remover)
Initially evenly along the bottom shells adhesive. Two, one. Adhesive use what you are comfortable to what used to. The main thing is not to leave traces and not fall off.
I will take pictures of the bottle from the different parties.
Green acrylic paint (I use both ceramics and conventional), simulate algae-Christmas tree, touching the tip of the bottle brush.
You can add a little blue, but it’s an amateur.
21 22
Red pririsuem fish. Speck more – the body, the smaller – tail.
Yellow – sun. You can add a drop of red. And a little stroll brush on “the cloud”.
Where the sun – is conditionally front side, that is most sympathetic to you. After all, look at this bottle can be on either side.
Black paint small dots denote the fish eye and make just such a “birch” to “waves”. Chaotic, but a little.
White – triangles of black stripes, but has slid on the waves of the boat. You can set off their black on one side and the top of the tops of the masts pririsovat
' sea bottle " from nasypushka
And double-tailed red flags on the masts, fluttering in the wind.
' sea bottle " from nasypushka How to make ” se
While the paint dries, you can do neck design. To do this, you need to trim the usual bottle caps, so that it has acquired less civilized and easily entered into the neck of the bottle
' sea bottle " from nasypushka
Cork I glued directly to the congealed wax. Wrap with tape bilateral neck, and it has wound cords.
' sea bottle " from nasypushka
Well, actually all) Description happened longer than the work itself)
' sea bottle " from nasypushka
Thanks to everyone
courtesy: stranamasterov
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