How to make Snow Maiden from plastic covers, caps and cans

How to make Snow Maiden from plastic covers, caps and cans

How to make Snow Maiden from plastic covers, caps and cans

He called his chrysalis Snow Maiden. But I came to the images freely.


To work need:

  • plastic covers, caps and cans (any many, pictured a small part);
  • awl;
  • skewers;
  • glue Moment-crystal, you can glue gun
  • wire pens,
  • beads,
  • different braid, lace,
  • thread, or yarn,
  • acrylic paint,
  • foam ball.


Lids and jars out of cream or any other need to pierce with an awl in the middle, so you can insert a skewer. So important is the diameter of the awl. My little less than an awl skewers to enlarge the hole a little bit, I rocked piercing pain in the process.


Strung on skewers in any combination, making a pyramid.


On the roof, where he plans to handle even pierce two holes and insert the wire.


At the same time I got three blanks, for actively helping the grandchildren (3 and 5 years). They strung cover and come up with your hand. Several times rearranged cover. Where was the long skewer, pruning shears and breaks off the excess. The tip skewers needed for attaching the head.


First vdevaem bead, then the head. Skewers should be spread a little white glue to keep your head.


Making the handles, beads strung on a wire. At the ends have to take a smaller hole beads and glue them at the time

8 (1)

Hands can be bent. They remain mobile. Paint the doll acrylic paint two or three times. You can leave and not painted, and then decorate the whole.


I have made different braid. Especially liked the volume. Sticking for a moment. After this doll to become a strong, glue it enshrines. Make a hat, in the same manner as that of the figure. Only here it is better to stick a toothpick. She is short and it is easier to fix the color. If necessary, all the details can be attached with glue.


Make a haircut. Decorate hats. Eyes – ready, nose – beads (APT), her mouth drawn aryl. First, I put the point of the tube of acrylic with a toothpick and then stretched to the desired shape.

9 10

It’s another doll. Another hat, turned out of the braid hairstyle.

11 12

From the first pupae tried on a dress.


This little doll with taynichki. That I had not planned, it happened. Functional crafts like me more!


And another.

16 17


18 10013-Size

These bridesmaids were before. They know how to circle and dance, because for them I used the inverted jar of cream with a concave lid.


There is a cache.


Small plastic garbage collected while. I did not know – why. Noticed grandchildren love to play covers, when a lot of them. But it turns out they can make lovely handicrafts! It would be interesting to see new ideas! I’m sure you can do a lot of Christmas toys! I


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