How to make spot painted leather bag

Today, we paint her leather handbag. We update it and attach a little more urgency. In this case, the holes left her purse on the buckle, so wanted to give it a neat appearance.
 spot painted leather bag
we need:
– Acrylic on fabric contours or universal;
– decreasing, I use salicylic alcohol;
– cotton swabs and cotton swabs;
– a piece of paper (it is our palette);
– pencil simple or universal on any surface;
– acrylic lacquer (matt or gloss – optional);
– a brush for nail synthetic flat pattern size depends on the average, №20 suitable.
Thus, we begin.
The first stage – the preparation
to study our purse, its shape, figure out what we’re going to wear it, and in what style we want to see. As I wrote, in this case, we decorate the holes on the buckle. Here they are:
 spot painted leather bag
Now degreased surface with a cotton swab and alcohol-containing agents:
 spot painted leather bag
Next, I schedule our pencil line drawing. Today, I wanted something symmetrical geometric. In addition, the latest trends are welcomed prints and decoration. I use a simple pencil, it turned out that he was very good at drawing on the black leather!
 spot painted leather bag
Next time I, as an artist, I love! This is the choice of colors. In this case, the bag has gold hardware, so begs the gold scale. But in order to dilute a little pattern and color and to add volume, I select several shades of gold, bronze and also a little fawn (a color between gold and silver).
This is where we need our piece of paper on which we are giving out some of our circuits to see how to combine colors. I got this:
 spot painted leather bag
And now the fun begins the creative process!
The second stage – painting
For those who first uses the contours a little advice.
We paint directly from the tube, no we do not need brushes. Hole in the nozzle is small enough to make even the most delicate work. When we draw – hold circuit to-millimeters above the surface of the floor (not smear as a brush) to get a beautiful point, as the hemisphere. Point size depends on the pressing force. Before proceeding to the bag, I recommended course trained on paper, play with dot size and spacing. A spacing therebetween should be smaller than the points themselves, whereas figure will look integrally and accurately. Spout sometimes clogged, then you can take a simple pin and clean. And during the painting nozzle will periodically get dirty, so we will always need a napkin or paper to clean it.
So, we envisage our image and set the first point. Many draw and paint, I do not recommend a pencil. Spot painting – machinery largely intuitive, so charted pattern, and then “cut off the head” and plunged into work. Here I have a plan to simply drawing that will be interesting to look at the cost of the game of color and size.
 spot painted leather bag
I just looked around the planned contours. Now it’s time to take even some color and put in parallel the new points. Watch for a hand. We continue our pattern.
 spot painted leather bag
introduces new decorative elements, such as a zigzag or wave.
 spot painted leather bag
 spot painted leather bag
 spot painted leather bag
And the finishing touches and our drawing is finished!
The third stage – consolidation
We give our purse dry day. That’s how much acrylic dries completely inside. Our point slightly absorbed into the skin and will remain as a picture.
After drying, we need to fix the image with varnish. In this case, I use glossy acrylic lacquer, it on top of a flat synthetic brush. When completely dry you can cover picture again.
 spot painted leather bag
 spot painted leather bag
That’s all! Our small masterpiece is ready! Enjoy!
With love and inspiration, Marie Artus
 spot painted leather bag
courtesy: liveinternet
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