How to make spring postcard from quilling

quilling decorative panels
Give cards are always nice, especially if the card is made with their own hands.And now I want to show you one of the options to make a nice spring card quilling technique in a couple of hours
 spring postcard from quilling
You will need:
– Paper;
– Paper strips of 0.5 cm;
– PVA glue;
– Cardboard;
– Scissors, ruler, pencil.
 spring postcard from quilling
Let’s start with the daisies. To do this, cut a strip of paper the height of 3.5 cm (for daisies smaller – 2.5 cm).
Fold the strip in several layers and paint the petals of our daisy:
For the midway cut out a strip of 1 cm in height.


Finely cut one side of the strip not dorezaya through.
spring postcard from quilling


And we begin to collect daisy:
Here’s what happens:
Now cut out the leaves (I cut them in the eye).


Let us further details:
 spring postcard from quillingspring postcard from quilling
This element is made as well as the camomile midway, only the height was more strips (2 cm)
 spring postcard from quilling
Put a few strips of paper in half and glue the ends, you get this:
 spring postcard from quilling
It remains only to collect all the elements together. The background is a red cardboard. First, the first layer of cells sticking cards:
Then the leaves and chamomile:
 spring postcard from quilling
Supplemented by several little things:
 spring postcard from quilling
That’s our result:
 spring postcard from quilling
courtesy: livemaster
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