How to make stand for pen

stand for pen
How to make stand for pen
stand for pen
I bought mélange ..
miracle thread!
Fantasy with them and rushing! even in my dreams!)))
So he first glomerulus, the color really bad seen ..
there is not blue, and purple .. white-lilac-violet
and the second will do Baubles! on any !!!)))) very pazitivnye))
stand for pen
And that’s what we need!
Glomerulus melange (can be thicker if desired, you can floss – there floss melange, I saw)
box (from my perfume of some, but you can own to make cardboard!)
adhesive tapes (oops, I forgot to put the photo)
stand for pen
At first I thought to stick this thing all glue ..
but not very chto-to went
slowly and dirty
and I prefer scotch)))
well short ..
take a polosochkoj paste adhesive tape as close as possible to the bottom of the outside of the box
and not quietly slowly putting a thread (I do not cut off from the coil directly as unwinding,
so many meters do not know
stand for pen
here so neatly pulls across the width of the stripes
the way advice is
that stripes were smooth and accurate ..
take the free end and apply parallel pridyduschem row
so to adhere to the next corner
and then neatly pressed gently spend the entire length of the thread and all)))
every millimeter is not necessary to press sweating
dragged, ironed, dragged by ironing
stand for pen
You can also a good pattern during ponazhimat fingers over the entire area of threads already glued –
that they firmly grips with tape
stand for pen
Pasting the following striped, remove plenochku and Getaway
stand for pen
In the beauty of what has turned out .. but the thread is not cut off !!!
last row scotch specifically do with the stock and wrap in –
otherwise the edges will be ugly stubby
stand for pen
And now we take our bored at work glue (PVA!) And they neatly promazhem 4-5 threads of the bottom ..
To seal and does not peel off during the operation)
stand for pen
Inside the box, where we had a supply of adhesive tape also trim thread
helped me in this iron hook)
and directed and pressed in tighter corners)
stand for pen
this is how beautifully
you can now cut the thread)))
and fluff here all good PVA, the whole interior, good bend and outside threads of the same 4-5
stand for pen
In principle, the product is ready and looks very simply, neatly and stilnenko ..
stand for pen
But I decided to add pugovok .. glue-point
three here
stand for pen
and five here)
in any order and direction)))
I like a little creative chaos)))
stand for pen
courtesy: filosofyfree
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