How to make strand pink pearl necklace

strand pink pearl necklace

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Summary: Pearl beads jewelry is always elegant and beautiful so that many girls admire them very much. Have you been attracted by the following strand pink pearl bead necklace?

This triple strand pearl necklace can dress up in any outfit of the party and any important occasions even in the office. It is so useful and only looks expensive. But you can make them by yourselves at home in fact. I will share this Beebeecraft tutorial of pink pearl necklace with you now~ Follow me to learn how to make a triple strand pearl necklace step by step!

Strand Pink Pearl Necklace

Step 1: Supplies Needed for the Feather Dangle Earrings:
Strand Pink Pearl Necklace

8mm Dyed pink Glass Pearl Round Bead Strands

6mm Dyed pink Glass Pearl Round Bead Strands

10mm white Glass Pearl Beads Strands

2mm white Glass Pearl Beads Strands

9x3mm Iron Bead Tips Knot Covers

0.3mm LightGrey Tiger Tail

6x3mm Rhinestone Spacers Beads

4×0.7mm Silver-color Iron Eyepins

Step 2: String the First Strand for Making Triple Strand Pearl Necklace

Strand Pink Pearl Necklace

1st, cut off about 30cm tiger wire, slide bead tips onto the wire and pass the wire, and then slide a pinch the bead with flat nose pliers;

2nd, slide an 8mm pink pearl to the wire followed by a 2mm white pearl beads;

3rd, repeat this pattern several times to make the basic pattern of the pearl necklace and slide another bead tips on the end;

Step 3: String the Second Strand for Making Pink Strand Pearl Necklace

Strand Pink Pearl Necklace

Do the same pattern as the last step to make another strand.

Step 4: Add the Rhinestone Bridge Spacer

Strand Pink Pearl Necklace

1st, add a rhinestone bridge spacer to the eye pins, along with a 10mm pink glass pearl, a rhinestone spacers beads, one more 10mm pink glass pearl beads, and a rhinestone bridge spacer;

2nd, make a loop of the eye pins with the pliers;

3rd, add 2 more patterns like before (as shown in the picture);

Step 5: Finish Making Strand Pearl Necklace

Strand Pink Pearl Necklace

1st, thread a 6mm pink pearl bead to a 4.0cm silver eyepin. Repeat this step to make more such patterns, and thread an 8mm white pearl, a rhinestone spacers beads and a 6mm pink glass pearl in sequence to a 4.0cm silver eyepin;

2nd, connect these patterns by making a loop of these eyepins;

3rd, repeat to make 2 shorter pearl bead chains

like before;

4th, connect the 3 pearl chains patterns with the rhinestone bridge spacer patterns (as shown in the picture); 5th, attach the dangle patterns with the 2 strand necklace pattern finished before by the bead tips knot covers with the loops of the eyepins together.

Step 6: Here Is the Final Look of the Two-strand Pink Pearl Necklace.

Strand Pink Pearl Necklace

Wow! This tutorial on how to make a strand pearl necklace is done! Do you like this handmade pink pearl bead necklace? If you need an accessory for your summer dresses, you can DIY a two-strand pearl necklace follow the beebeecraft tutorial. By the way, while grouping pearl beads with eye pins, be cautious to keep your hands away from being hurt by the pliers and sharp tip on pins.

courtesy: instructables

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