How to make such a cute pot

How to make such a cute pot

How to make such a cute pot

Today I want to share with you how to make such a cute, pretty pot, for different things. I have to say, the idea is not mine. Once upon a time, I did these pots on the picture (invented Japanese masters), the picture is lost. I decided to re-create and show stages


We need to work the following materials they find in any home:
1. Plastic cups (in my case, a container of sour cream);
2. Denim: Two cut of 32×32 cm and 16×16 cm one;
3. Circle cut from corrugated cardboard r = 16 cm (I have a quarter of a circle), the range of r = 8 cm and three laps r = 4 cm (this is for the cover);
4. Scissors;
5. Double-sided tape;
6. Clay (which has a pencil point, PVA);
7. A little padding polyester (I had pulled out of a soft toy);
8. Crayon or a pencil;
9. Ribbons, beads, flowers, buttons (to decorate our pot);
10. Desire slelat the pot 🙂


Cut two circles of cloth r = 16 cm and a range of r = 8 cm.

That circle of fabric that we want to have been inside the pot are bent on the wrong side of 0.5 cm and is sewn along the circumference suture needle forward.


At the bottom of the inner cup, crosswise fasten double-sided tape. We put our circle of fabric wrong side inside the cup. We try to combine the center of the circle of tissue from the center of the bottom of the cup. Further, on the outer side of a cup fastened on the double-sided tape to the large diameter of the cup.


“Hugging” glass cloth and tightens the circle. Evenly distribute the resulting folds. So we drew up the upper part of our pot.


Next, prepare the bottom of the pot. The circle of fabric folded onto the wrong side of 2 cm., And also sews circumference suture needle forward.


At the bottom of the outer cup fastened crosswise double-sided tape. Insert stkanchik the lower circle of tissue (also combine centers). To our pot rounded between the cup and spread the cloth padding polyester.

8 (1)

Contractible circle and evenly distributed folds. Then bonded seam needle forward with the upper part of the bottom. Place the connection is closed ribbon (rope, Tesma, lace), and tying a bow (by flowered beads pompons). All our pot is almost ready.
It remains to make a lid. Skleevaem together three laps r = 4 cm from corrugated cardboard – this is the basis caps. The circle of fabric r = 8 cm collect circumference suture needle forward. We put in the circle foundation caps and tightens the thread. Place tightening close flower (buttons, pompons)


Try on the lid on the pot. All our pot ready! We can put in it, and buttons, and jewelry, and ostatochki threads. And you can store them in different herbs.



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