How to make tiebacks from CD

How to make tiebacks from CD

How to make tiebacks from CD

Last time, I was fascinated by technology – kanzashi. Until I master it is still very far, but the technique is very like. I try to do a variety of gizmos. All sorts of different hair decorations, done enough and now wanted a change. Googling on the Internet and found something that interested me. I liked tiebacks technique kanzashi. I wanted a job again, not entirely of course, but the location of the petals very much. I not found the author of this work, as the photo was published in combination with the others, in liveinternet. So I apologize in advance, and the author must admit that the idea is not mine


For work I needed:

  • Satin ribbon petals – a width of 2.5 cm. (3 colors: yellow, green, golden);
  • Satin ribbon petals – 2.5 cm in width;
  • Satin ribbon flower – 5 cm wide;
  • Satin ribbons stitched CD’s – a width of 2.5 cm. (Mustard);
  • Audio CD – 2 pieces;
  • Hot-melt adhesive;
  • Sticks Japanese cuisine – 2 pcs.

The photo will be one pickup, the second did similar to the first, but just the petals, arranged symmetrically first picked up. First, I made the foundation. I took a CD, and an outer diameter, measured out into the interior of the disc 1.5 cm, points are connected. The result was a smaller diameter and warmed him walked a soldering iron. Tip: If you are not home or soldering cautery, can be cut with a knife stationery. And that would speed up the process, the blade must be periodically heated over the fire, such as candles. But a knife to cut a much more time-consuming process, as the knife, you will need several times to pass on the same site. Soldering iron much faster.

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Now obtyanuli (wrapped) drive, mustard-colored ribbon. On one drive it took me about 2.5 meters. For hedging, that tape would not slid, after every 2nd, 3rd round, hot melt adhesive is applied to the drive.


Actually, picked up, as if ready))). But of course they should now decorate. According to the diameter, I have decided to put their favorite sharp petals kanzashi of two narrow ribbons.

Petals kanzashi, I decided to make two colors. The first color – a combination of green and gold, and the second – a combination of yellow and gold.

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I show as did the green and yellow made similarly.
It took two satin ribbons: width – 2.5 cm, length – 7 cm each. Green has imposed on a golden way that would be. Golden, acted on the upper edge, at 4 ml. Both tapes glossy (bright) side down. And then, as in the photo (I hope that it will be clear).
Opal both edges, pressed with forceps, thus both glued tape.
I bent right corner diagonally.
Bent left corner diagonally.
The resulting triangle fold in half.
Exactly, cut off the bottom part.
Pressed edge tweezers, seared over a candle and then squeezed with tweezers that have edges stick together.
Once again cut area.
Again, I seared over a candle, but now do not press the edges that would have been through the bottom.


What would decorate Holders (both), it took me: green petals – 44 pcs, yellow – 42 pieces.
As for the decor, I made two yellow flower of round, flat petals kanzashi. One for each pickup.

There will not paint the words, I hope that everything is clear in the photo.

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As a result, I should get here a petal.


For each flower, it took me 7-NIL such round petals. Then, with the help of Thermo glued all 7-NIL petals.

19 20

And in the middle of the flower, glued bead.


Now, I have everything ready, we can start decorating tiebacks. In fact, paint, nothing special. Just hot melt, and the flower petals are glued to the base, as in the photo below.


Then, a little decorated chopsticks for sushi, golden pollen mixed with acrylic paint. This point will not describe, but if you’re interested, you can look in the master class “Butterfly Organza”. And finally, pasted on each stick to 5 be sharp petals.
That’s all, my tiebacks ready!

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