How to make unusual tea-light from papier-mache

tea-light from papier-mache
Today I will talk about how to make a lamp made of papier-mache in the form of a teapot.
 wooden chair
We need:

– paper napkins white 3 pack of 100 pieces;

– PVA glue 1 liter;
– Color;
– Galvanized metal strip 30 cm in length, 2 cm in width;
– The two bolts with nuts;
– Mulberry colored paper;
– Skeletonized leaves;
– Tracing white;
– Electrical cord with switch and socket. Instrumentation:
– Drill;
– Garbage thin packages;
– Knife and scissors for metal;
– Concrete mixers for construction;
– Any kettle, form which you want to repeat.
 Stage 1.  
Mix all the napkins with PVA glue to impregnate napkins, but not too liquid.
 How to make wooden chair
Step 2.
With the construction of the mixer and mince napkin until smooth.
 How to make wooden chair
Stage 3.
Adding color depending on the color you want (more for a thicker, less for the less bright).
 How to make wooden chair
Stage 4.
Again stir.
 How to make wooden chair
tage 5.
You should get here this weight.
 How to make wooden chair
Stage 6.
We cover the teapot with white glue and paste it into two layers of trash bags, smoothing brush all folds. Between the layers of packages to be glue. It is necessary to be able, after drying, the product is easy to remove from the mold.
 How to make wooden chair
Stage 7.
Rvёm into pieces tracing paper, cover shape and glue sizing pieces of tracing paper. Outside, they also need to cover the adhesive.
 How to make wooden chair
8 stage.
Likewise prikleevaem pieces of paper mulberry circle product.
 How to make wooden chair
9 stage.
Take the weight and we put her hands on the nose, the top and bottom of the kettle, leaving space in the middle for better light transmission (do not forget, we do light!).
 How to make wooden chair
10 stage.
Take skeletonized leaves and glue them in the center of the product. We coat them with white glue. Left to dry our kettle 4 days.
 How to make wooden chair
How to make wooden chair
Stage 11.
When it is completely dry, you will need to remove the papier-mache to form.
 How to make wooden chair
12 stage .
To this end, a sharp knife make a cut along the spout on both sides and carefully remove the form.
 How to make wooden chair
How to make wooden chair
13 stage.
Grease cut edges with glue and combine items, and then contract the rubber tip and leave for the day.
 How to make wooden chair
How to make wooden chair
14 stage.
You should have stayed painted weight (so that it retained its properties, it had to roll up in the package). From it, we will do the bottom.Mash the ground in a flat Lemeshko, and then roll a rolling pin over packet (not glued to the rolling pin).
 How to make wooden chair
How to make wooden chair
15 stage.
Lubricate the edge with white glue and put on the bottom of the prepared and cut off all unnecessary.
 How to make wooden chair
How to make wooden chair
16 stage.
Forming the cylinder from the mass about 2, 5 cm in length, with a ballpoint pen making the through hole in the center and glued to the inside edge of the article between the bottom and the pot wall.
17 stage.
From the mass of doing “ears” of about 3 cm high and 1 cm wide. Adhesive attach to the upper edge of the kettle.
18 stage.
In the same manner as before the cover is pasted over with paper pulp kettle. This can be done simultaneously with the main form.
 How to make wooden chair
19 stage.
After drying, the cover of the pulp do handle and glue it to the main form on the PVA glue.
 How to make wooden chair
20 stage.
Now zaymёmsya handle our kettle. Cut the galvanized steel strip of about 30 cm in length, prosverdivaem holes on the edges under the bolts and bending, attach to it the desired shape.
 How to make wooden chair
How to make wooden chair
21 stage. 
Its paper pulp paste and leave to dry for a day.
 How to make wooden chair
22 stage.
Attach bolt handle to the workpiece, and the pre-drilled holes in the “ears.” We reserve the lamp to dry for two days! After that, the product can be treated outside with a thin layer of lacquer to make it easier to care for the lamp (remove dust) and then leave to dry for a day. The shot hit the ceramic lamp, the creation of which I will discuss in the next master class.
 How to make wooden chair

How to make wooden chair

23 stage.
Once the product is dry, let us electrician. We connect with a cord holder (for this purpose we have placed at the bottom of the kettle hollow cylinder) and glued to the lamp cartridge by means of cold welding. Bulbs need no more than 25 watts.
 How to make wooden chair
24 stage.
Congratulations, tea is ready!
courtesy: liveinternet
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