How to make vase

I present to you my new rabotu.Vaza “Summer Morning” made a gift, in contrast to my previous vases it is possible to pour water, which is very tsenno
For work, I need the following tools and materials:
The old-plastic container for loose products
-kartonnaya sleeve of food foil
-Ceramic dish-stand for pots
-skotch aluminum
-kley PVA building
-Colors acrylic
-shnur decorative
-pistolet adhesive
-Scissors, stationery knife
on -Basic photo of my uncomplicated design-plastic container, to her left-piece, assembled from pieces of cardboard on the tube -vtulku, it is used to correct the shape of the future vase, diameter of the workpiece to be is equal to the diameter of the bottom emkosti.Vnizu on the photo is the same part that is slightly smaller diameter is baza.Dlya its weighting is ceramic pots stand for, I plastered it and connected to the base.
In this photo you can see how to gather more details.
Here is shown the assembly vazy.Vse glued glue gun, then wrapped corrugated zagotovochki tape (used aluminum, very convenient and fast!), Top-putty, sanded, everything can be decorated.
The basis of the tissue-decor flagella, so beloved by me! Uzorchikami recoiling exclusively from wet flagella, they plastichnee.Nu and where do without peas!
Kras blue acrylic paint on top and white acrylic lightly dry brush, or rather, a sponge!
That result, which I am happy-resistant bowl, due to the weighting base, capacious, wide neck, just for the summer garden and field flowers! Thanks to all Visitor!
courtesy: stranamasterov
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