Here is a panel consisting of four boards size 150h50 cm, was made by me to design the entrance of one of the Moscow children’s gardens.
The base – board. Images – papier-mache.
Supplements – glass beads. Painting – Acrylic. . The protective layer – wax << >> In order to begin work on the creation of decorative panels, it is necessary to prepare materials such as:
1. Paper pulp 2. Cardboard, wrapping paper is rough, paper, beads, pieces of mirror and CD-ROMs, tapes, cords of different thickness. 3. Acrylic paints (gouache can be used, but in this case the product must-lacquered) 4. Floor polishes based on beeswax (it like to cover all of their work – the product is still pleasant to the touch, can not be said about the option of using nail polish, well, here too – a matter of taste) 5.Osnova cut out of the board, plywood, hardboard, chipboard etc. It is not recommended in this case to use the cardboard as a foundation – no matter how thick it may be – and soak warp when dry.
On the basis of the drawing after drawing superimposed papier-mashovaya weight. Recipes cooking it online now enough, I use a paper pulp, mixed with the PVA glue. (If someone needs more detail on this, please – tell) board prior to the application of the relief layer is also covered with a layer of PVA. The stock may completely cover the base and may, as in this case, only partially. In the photo you can see how different materials are used – fantasy has no boundaries – invent, much as you want! There used tapes, glass, flagella of paper handkerchiefs and pieces of mirror below shows how to use the pulp can emphasize the features of some parts in our version – fin fish and beads added textured in calf . For the eyes of fish used glass beads, and birds – small beads. The mouth and eyelids prolepleny Paper the-glue, but you can use self-hardening mass for children’s creativity. In the photo below you can see how to use coarse wrapping paper when it is wetted in diluted with water adhesive PVA, from it is very easy to create a variety of drapery – in this case -. of the peacock’s tail Cardboard helps to achieve expression, raising the level of some of the details of the background. Under the board also is enclosed layer of papier-mache, which is to completely fill the area under the lifted part. Add the expression of glass parts, fragments of mirrors, and CD-ROM drive, and finished forms can be achieved using paper of the flagellaAnd then came the most interesting and most important part of the work – painting. Immediately I say, that the paint is necessary after complete drying of the work. But how to paint – there is no exact recipe, everything depends on the design, taste, skill, and even mood. I advise you not to do the work in a state of irritation – such work in the future will not bring joy or you or those for whom it was made. I impose the paint in several layers, starting with a primer. the primer layer may be dark: … or light, everything depends on the design: the next photo shows how the surround naleplennye details of the future panels.To achieve a greater volume then use an ordinary newspaper. Moisten a sheet of paper with a dilute PVA, form a lump of the desired size and shape, place in the drawing, as follows uzhmite and you can fix it – pasted paper scraps to a lump is not “open up” when dry, and only when it dries out a bit – imposed a textured layer . according to the plan ‘s about what happened after long hours of working with paint after everything is ready – it is necessary to apply a protective layer -. a wax or varnish wax sealant I put a piece of foam, after drying is pounded with a soft cloth to shine. If you need a more powerful protection – instead of using wax matte varnish. and a prerequisite for success must be … to such an assistant … … I was always there 🙂 that is all. I wish you success and joy of creativity!

















courtesy: liveinternet