How to make “Watermelon” clutch

How to make “Watermelon” clutch


To work on the creation of the box, we will need the following:
– Jigsaw;
– Emery paper;
– Melt for needlework;
– A pair of scissors;
– A needle.
– Tube of cardboard (this pipe, which wind the linoleum);
– Thick cardboard sheet;
– Ordinary cardboard;
– Felt (green, green, red);
– Beads (green, yellow);
– Beads;
– Thread floss;
– Decorative dragonfly;
– Decorative jewelery suitable in color and style.
We produce a framework for the box. From a cardboard tube saw off the desired length (14 cm), using a jigsaw. We continue to work to saw and jigsaw tube horizontally (can be done exactly in half, or as in our case, the upper part is smaller than the bottom) and treated with sandpaper the edges. Sidewall boxes cut with scissors out of cardboard, the same diameter as the tube (11 cm). For the inside of the box does not take a thick cardboard, and most ordinary folder for children’s creativity. This cardboard cut a circle slightly smaller diameter than cardboard, and cut a rectangle that will fit into the interior of the box and make them less than 5 mm on each side.

The front side of the box is pasted over with green felt.


Domestic billet paste red felt.


We try on all our items.


To connect the top and bottom, cut out of light green and red strips of felt (13cm long. And a width of 4 cm.), And glue them together.

Merge box (using termopistaleta).

Are glued box start from the bottom.
  1. Align and glue one side.
  2. Glue a strip to connect the top and bottom of the box.
  3. Sizing all the inner and outer part of the box.
  4. Glue the box cover to the strip of felt.
1. The cover is glued to a strip of felt in the form of a half-open.
2. Glue the inside of the outer cap on all sides.
3. Check how to open and close box.
Glue end of the box
1. Try on the end walls.
2. Merge the inner and outer part.
3. The end walls are glued to the bottom of the box.
4. aligns wall for kroyam.
To box are not rolled, glue the legs.
Decorate the box.
Making the strips like a watermelon.
1. Take the green felt.
2. Freely cut out triangles.
3. Try on them on the box.
4. Fix an adhesive.
Making of felt slices of watermelon.
1. Cut three circles of different diameters, a large circle of green, medium green, small red.
2. Cut the round in half parts.
3. For the volume of a piece of watermelon apply cotton wool, put it between the green and light green felt.
4. Green thread sew green and light green felt, red felt, sew and embroider a red thread watermelon seeds, black thread.


We continue to decorate the box by decorating it with beads in the form of berries, leaves out of felt, embroidered veins using beads.
Create a composition box and fixing all the parts with glue.
Arbuzynka ripe!
A couple more photos of boxes, made by me in this style.
“Forest Meadow”
Thank you for taking the time, I hope my work will be useful.
courtesy: livemaster
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