How to make wooden stand for flowers

How to make wooden stand for flowers

How to make wooden stand for flowers


Here it is in a position protruded …. glance I could see it, doubting it interesting.


Next show finished work on all sides.

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Twigs with leaves are removed.

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Nothing like? How long could opredelitsya.Hotelos to do something in that position koryagi.Ya Dryad saw her with vetvyami- volosami.Ne prblemy hang in this position for stenu.NO would not just decoration, and that the product was functional, such as the stand tsvetov.No..ona should be very stable and can withstand the weight of the pots to the ground and rather big weight.

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So while the saw cut and the wood is thoroughly dried out, I was in doubt.

How not cool, and a guarantee of quality for the customer is more important vsego.Vybrala most durable option, although in an exclusive art-plan is not the best option.


I had to stay here on this ……composition collected from Spili and snags redecorated river pebbles of different colors, string, shells morskimi.Tak product prolachivaniya looked up.


On SPIL has a thick bark, quite firmly hold and with great difficulty I udalila.Mozhno it would be to leave it, do not tear off, but the certainty that somewhere is not beetle larvae beneath it, not really from vseh5 bylo.A “pancakes “2 black bug alive and met.


While all cleared on all SPIL such mazol earned the palm …!


When sawing injures thumb here is a huge jigsaw zubyami.Tak that my hobby is not safe! Acquired his dream of amateur experience benzopilu.Pervy neudachen.Nikak fails me alone to start the engine!


Well, that will be more vsё.Ne bore you with unnecessary details.




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