​​How to painting a clay pot

​​How to painting a clay pot

​​How to painting a clay pot

A lover of indoor plants and plants want to suggest another idea of ​​painting a clay pot flower.Class below will help you to quickly and easily do the job. Good luck and endless inspiration)


So, to decorate a flower pot, we need:

  • clay pot for flowers,
  • sandpaper or emery paper,
  • oil or synthetic paints of several colors – green, yellow, white, pink and brown,
  • brush
  • acrylic lacquer.
  • After preparing all of the above materials are starting to work. Flower pot to wash and dry, then abraded heavily sandpaper.


Now take the white paint and paint pot. After drying the white paint, paint a pot of pink. To create abrasions and vintage kind of pot a little treat it the same cloth – fine sandpaper.


Now take a brush with stiff bristles, mix white paint and decorate with green pot, using the technique of dry brush

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We continue to shade some areas of yellow and brown paint, using the technique of dry brush


Go to draw daisy:

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Courtesy: marrietta.ru

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