How to sew a basket of irises

How to sew a basket of irises

How to sew a basket of irises

They asked me to show you how to embroider irises, but I decided that if I otsu imu the whole process, it may be interesting for everyone.Especially for beginners.

Using this IC, you can sew a little tune for a card, keyfob or pendant. Registration completely depends on your imagination.


You need:

– Base fabric, you can choose any, but if you choose a uniform weave fabric, then you also will be easier 🙂

– Floss 5 colors: purple (I used Anchor multicolor 1325), 2 shades of green, yellow and light brown,

– Scissors


1) It is necessary to sew an odd number of vertical stitches, in this case, 9 stitches through two warp yarns 12 in height. Stepping another 2 strands begin to fill in the part of the body of the basket fashion fabric. It is better if you do the horizontal stitches as close to each other through one warp thread. Most of the joints in the thread I perform 2 addition (2 thread hanks or one thread, folded in half).


all the stitches, perform stalk seam bottom basket. In this case, the stitch length – 4 warp yarns.


Close the basket sidewall two straight stitches.


suture needle ago performed the basket handle, and then wound around the same thread two times each stitches the handle. Is displayed on the wrong side of the thread at the fixing point basket handle and lay it on time, and later we will return to this thread.



5) carry out freely in any direction long vertical stitches dark green thread – it would stem of irises.


long and narrow loops couched stitch technique (also known as the lazy daisy, they are the same stitch “Daisy”) embroider the leaves of irises.


Light green thread (one thread hanks) makes a long rambling stitch is we simply decorative grass 🙂


After rising slightly upward, (3-4 warp) from the end of the stem stitch perform a wide loop couched stitch technique (“Daisy”). Stepping back a couple

of warp yarns diagonally downward from the base of the thread and stitch derive hold it under the loop, making the arc.


Re-derive the thread at the beginning of the first loop and make the second stitch “loop couched stitch technique” has downward.


If you want to make a more extensive and similar to real flowers, repeat again all the stitches exactly the same points (holes) that for the first time. If you are using multicolor, he added a living, changing hues.

Apart from the usual flower buds can be made to do this simply because the end point of the stem to make three different short stitch length or one loop couched stitch technique + 1-2 straight stitch.


Make the middle of a flower. From the center point of the iris drive yellow thread and yes, again couched stitch technique makes a loop in the middle of the upper petal of the flower.


The lower petal is shaded with a simple straight stitch down the center. If you want, you can do exactly the same loop couched stitch technique and down.


completes our picture again stalk seam along the top edge of the basket.


It now remains only to draw embroidery, beautifully photographed and start uncontrollably show off





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