How to sew a corset

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How to sew a corset
Well stitched corset is a lightweight version, we can say almost belt))) But the principle is still the same. … Nearly the same … because corsets great multitude, and of course, tailoring is also different))) It turned out to cover the entire process is pretty complicated, so I tried))) Posted probably get a great deal))) The worst is my catch is that photograph the best course in the afternoon, it turns naturally, flash port, so you reach in the process to something that you need to take a picture, but Mlyn evening already)))
So the beginning of what we need to say so))) fabric, lining fabric (I used cotton, it seems to me to wear when abuts tightly to the body it is still better), and woven dublerin well tight enough, but not to the stake stood))) I use glue, so it looks like the product more aesthetically pleasing ..

We also need to: busk (this is the front clasp metal), metal bone spiral (well, you can use plastic it as you like, or who have the possibility, I am for them in their time to run and bought in the wholesale store more, so I have enough) , pen disappearing (I love to use it))) smear can be everywhere, all the same there is nothing left in a few days, it is convenient), twill tape (quantity see around your waist), and do not know what is called here such torture clippers))) those who metal eyelets and buttons any leaky)))

I took the pattern bodice finished, I was laid up, (I think every seamstresses have a couple of weekly magazines in mind with such pattern), reluctance tormented with the construction and calculating, I thought so quickly)))
But of course I also need your own and beautiful with the right recesses (the best in my opinion), so no matter what base. I sewed from cheap used cloth and put a layout on a mannequin (well, respectively, onto itself).Corset is the sort of thing is very personal and you may want to tweak the reliefs and change the location of the lower and upper sections. Wearing a corset sewn in the shape directly on it felt pen mark the necessary changes))) This is so to speak the first fitting and we can say that it is most important as a good fit corset depends precisely on it)))
Next, we cut our layout on marked lines and draw have your individual a pattern – the foundation of the corset, which you later can use safely and change corsets as gloves))), and most importantly 5 and 6 of the item should be reduced (this is we all still corset and no corsage) I took her somewhere for a total of 4 cm from each side (I like that I do not remember exactly, on a dummy mark and forgotten – bungler))))
Getting started cutting, I make allowances 1.5 cm, the lower and upper cut more (suddenly want to correct) The photo shows the numbers, so 1 and 5 parts cut out four pieces, the remaining parts of two of the main fabric and lining of two, and duplicate all seal parts (except lining, although you can duplicate them but I did not), but to dublerin sign and allowances to the seams tightly ..
How sewn busk, shearing along front pieces right side, putting a half busk and mark up the marker where they will go fasteners busk and sew as shown in the photo, the place where a tidy fastener act not sew (a seam incidentally always use fortified or simply sewn double seam seam, it is very important in a corset)
281 282
On the left side of the fabric pieces are sewn completely as thick stitching

Then sew all the details of the main and lining fabric, we have obtained for the two halves of our corset like this

284 285 286 287
Properly otuyuzhivaem and clearly outline the waist line will be like our twill tape on the right and on the left half
 Sewn twill tape from the liner at a distance of one mm of the seam allowance on, as in the photo
That’s what we do
We put our busk in those same holes that we left on the right half and otstrachivaem in the region, it is better to use a special foot.


On the left side a little differently, put the left side into the busk, as shown in the photo, anchoring bulavochkami awl and gently pushing the fabric, helping hands to the head and squeezed the metal fabric is not torn, and also in the region otstrachivaem
Shear pin seam in a seam every detail and are paving the line, like this
296 297 298
And now, at a distance equal to the width of our metal bones (I have somewhere 7mm) of each weld line paving honestly fancy you in almost no limits, where there is beautiful, and the bones will take place, I made two bones each seam
You can have one, but you can not weld around, it’s like someone like
 And insert the bone
301 302
Mark up the holes in the rear parts for eyelets
By the way back parts which will be lacing better replicate such Dublerin that’s stake stood and eyes should be placed between two bones (this is mandatory, so reliable), here as in the photo the first stone at the edge, it will be seen below the second
First, of course one eyelets better to try to do at exactly the same piece (with a double Dublerin) so as not to spoil the
305 306
You can lubricate the edge of the holes textile glue, if there is (I love to stronger) although not necessarily)))
307 308
Obtained here are holes we have)))
Treat the upper and lower sections of piping, I took the finished (in the bins lying)
 Regarding the cable, I take here such I do not know the name, dense, smooth (which is very convenient), and if the circumcision is not dissolved … may need from 3 to 6 meters depending on the corset (it took me 3 meters) but it is at least
Stringing here this way, please note, it is very convenient to tighten itself, without the help of outsiders in the two accounts, it turns out that’s a no frills corset is … you need to pull over here these pieces of lace in the middle
This inner side uzelochek
I beg pardon for the pajama look)))))))
Tightened slightly, by 7 cm, quite a wearable … I may not differ by more volumes)))) silhouette frankly slightly kvadratnenky, with a waist has always been trouble now like to see very well so WAIST))))
315 316
And now embellishment and one more thing, if you want to close the gap behind
Favorite kryuchkovyazanie, ukrashalki pinned bulavochkami and sew by hand
317 318 319
There are many ways that could not be seen in the lumen of the lace, but this seems to me the most convenient, you need to cut out a rectangular piece, duplicate it very closely, try it on and make lacing holes, here as in the photo (if it is not clear question, write)
The view from the front side
View from the inside
So tighten and stringing, well, first we dress in a relaxed state, and zip up the front zipper (busk)
 Hi))) Dummy not delayed))))) But still, the principle is clear … even without this very nakladochka even though (it is convenient if you want to, you can simply remove it)
That’s actually voila !!! He’s ready)))
325 326
 Oh, and hard to take a picture of herself from the rear))))
That evening she shot, did not survive, nazyvalku their evening photographed)))))
329 330 331 332
What and how to wear these things I photograph and write the following message))) If there is something I missed, ask, do not hesitate
courtesy: liveinternet

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