How to sew a medusa suit

In the summer for children on the beach very often arrange Neptune holiday – the Sea King .And we often wonder what would be a nice suit to prepare his princess. All of these options are beaten to fasten the child poelitelenovye tassels no longer interesting. Here is a wonderful version of a suit with his hands we are looking at today.
It is not the child is not too hot and very convenient. Such a suit would not mind wet, since it is made of jersey. It is safe in the fabric store to pick up just such a knitted fabric from which sew it swimsuits for swimming and relaxing on the sea. Thus, your little girl will not only be the most beautiful on the holiday, but it can safely swim in the sea. And do not worry that it will pour water on holiday.
To sew a suit of Medusa with his own hands , we need the following materials:
  • white jersey, 0,8-1metr;
  • paper for the Drawing patterns;
  • White sewing thread;
  • sewing needle;
  • Sewing pins;
  • scissors for cutting out the cut pieces;
  • scissors to cut patterns of paper;
  • line;
  • pencil pen;
  • fittings for a suit jewelry, beads, sequins, stones, crystals.


To construct a pattern tights, we need the most important measurements, which are very easy to remove with the help of tape. Cw, Cr, Cm, Sat shot at the most prominent places full circumference is divided into two, and therefore recorded as half of O – S. Su removed in a sitting position on the waist (the narrowest place in the circumferential direction) to the plane on which sits a man, this measurement useful to us to build panties.
Accident removed from the shoulder edge to the center of the waist (navel), passes on tape measure most prominent chest spots. Rn is removed from the base of the neck to the shoulder region.
Cm – putting the neck.
Cr – putting the chest.
Sat – putting thighs.
Sun – the seat height.
Accident – waist length shelves.
Rn – shoulder width.
Next, we start to build a drawing. First constructed baseline grid. Then there is the main point and display the lines that we need. On the back immediately draw a cutout that we would like. Then, using scissors to cut paper patterns. It is better to use scissors for paper and tissue are different, as the paper quickly zatuplivaet sharp scissors. And in the future when the next cutting products, you can face the fact that the scissors refuse to do their job.
If you are difficult to construct the drawing, you can use this method. Taking the pattern instead of what ever is appropriate for your child’s garments, and panties (of course, it is better to use things that are no longer useful in the future for socks). The product will need to rip at the seams, remove excess skin, and press them apart all the edges, so it was easy to continue working with her.
Panties can be left whole, but for more precise tailoring them too it would be desirable to strut. In the future, the details we will need to be folded in half.
Further, the fabric of the future laid the suit doubled equity thread. Fractional thread runs along the edge of the fabric. If the edge of your piece of fabric not, on its jersey is very easy to find. For this it is necessary to stretch the fabric in the different directions. Which way the fabric stretches less, so it is directed lobar.
Then we laid the pattern on the fabric so that the flat part of the equalize with fabric folds.
Encircles the edge of the pattern soapy or shallow. It is advisable to use the white is white or light yellow chalk.
Now boldly cut out detail. Cut, departing from a line on obmelovki 0,5-0,7sm.
Then we need to cut skirts for a large number of valanchikov. Draw a small circle on the paper, and from it emerges ulitochku.
Cut out the pattern.
Ulitochku Puts on the cloth and stabbed her pins.
Cut valanchik. Such valanchikov we need 20-30 pieces.
Now we need to carve out times for the skirts. Cut the fabric strip 10hSt + Cm, we get a strip width of 10 centimeters by 64 centimeters.
Here are our details ready to cut a cut. Now you can safely proceed to the collection of a suit.
For starters, if you are a bit worried in the accuracy of a cut leotards, tights can be assembled using hand Basting stitches. Examples of articles on the child, if something is not so fix it. And then you can safely get behind the sewing machine. Joining the side, the shoulder and the middle seam of shorts can be like a normal car, a little stretching fabric to pulling line is not broke, and four or pyatinitochnom overlock.
After all the Stitch on the machine, you must remove Basting stitches and trim the excess strings.
Next zametyvaem all rough cuts. Buckling edge on 0,7sm.
It cuts armholes, panty sections and cut throat and cut on the back.
Then we sit down ploskoshovnuyu car. If not, then you can use a machine with a zigzag operation, or handle region, the conventional flat seams do not forget to be sure to stretch the fabric while stitching.
Then gently remove Basting stitches.
Here is the tights have happened.
It is necessary to do another operation with tights. All seams we priutuzhivaem.
Now we move on to the preparation of skirts. Fold belt in two. Next, gradually close to each other under the foot twice folded valanchiki laid on the belt. Valanchiki to sew belt.
That’s the “fringe” of valanchikov we went. Then you can insert in rezinochku Drawstring belt if necessary.
And sew belt. It is possible as in a conventional machine, and the knitting.
Now we are left only to decorate our suit fittings. Accessories sewn to the belt skirts, if desired, you can decorate and valanchiki pebbles or strazinkami, to skirt vividly played.
Similarly, in the swimsuit spread and sew our decorating accessories.
Medusa Suit with your hands ready. Also relevant to the holiday Neptune will suit Mermaid .
courtesy: masterclassy
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