How to sew the fabric wallet

fabric wallet

Today I will share with you my favourite gift to a friend how to make my wallet.
What can I do after the tissue pencil case she encountered while doing research in this Pinterest wallet purse .. we planted 2 more than that and you get the idea anyway construction steps so I painted. In fact, the construction is very simple, it does not need to be a skilled seamstress. It is just a small part of your ability to combine an armband 🙂 Of course, one of my most difficult thing I have combination colour fabric ..

We are ready and we will start our fabric.
Meanwhile, wallet to the original narration here say is a must, I cut the fabric there, according to measurement, but did not reach

After cutting the credit of cloth kartlıg will bring the long piece of fabric to the shape of an accordion folding credit card format and ironing. We plant brought on the inner part of the rim.
We create the piece sewn by closing three small pieces of fabric and other 3.The self as we put on this piece. And this outside us in the opposite direction on the tracks and we plant on three sides by placing joints. We plan on both sides of the trim portion, we leave the seam opening outside in the bend at the bottom. We plant outer edges of the insert in the liner to be part of the opening would remove sweat and 5. As in the picture. Repeat for the remaining part open.

Sprinkler inserts into the outer edges of the outer part of this time. And lend our wallet.


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