How to spring decorations

spring decorations

How to spring decorations

With the arrival of spring I want to make it to his house. Note that in the Internet a lot of master classes on how to decorate the usual branches of trees, turning them into a gentle spring decorations for the home. That’s decided to do something, “his” in this direction. I tried to use a material that exists in each of you home to a MC was able to repeat each of you from the comfort of home shopping.

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MATERIAL , which I used for this IC:

1) The branches of the trees (I – a cherry, but you can use everything you can find)
2) 1 kitchen viscose cloth pink (you can use felt)
2) 1/5 green viscose kitchen towels (found it in a store fix price also You can use green felt or construction paper)
3) threads, needle
4) hot glue or any other adhesive is strong fixation

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1) First you need a pink napkin cut into strips measuring approximately 17,5h2,5 cm (see Figure 1)
2) Fold the strip in half, then take another 3 fold ( see Figure 2 and 3)
3) scissors cut shape on the upper lobe edge ( see Figure 4)
4) expand the preform necessarily tweak scissor edge, where necessary (see Figure 5)
5) to collect the thread on the preform bottom edge basting seam, pull off slightly (see Figure 6); one kitchen wipes mnya happened about 35 flowers
6) tighten resulting to do in rosettes (in a tube) and fix the lower part of the flower thread with a needle
7) of green cloth / felt / colored paper do sepals (see. in the video below)
8) glue the flowers to the sepals
9) flowers glue to twig; on every twig I glued 4 florets
10) after the glue dries, you can collect the composition in a vase

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For the best perception of the manufacturing process of the decor, I leave a video workshop.

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