Husking quilling

Husking quilling

Husking quilling


You will need a pin-thin needles, cloves, toothpick, cortical socket or piece of thick foam template, adhesive strips. I also take the transparent tape to glue pattern to the base. On the template marks the point place “puncture” and start working.


First things first, a drop of glue on the end of the strip and do a loop around the first needle, thereby fixing our strip.


Then we break through the first hole and begin to tighten the strip around the needles, every time prokleivaya at the base.


I did these simple elements and glue them symmetrically, to get the tab.


From such simple petals I have turned here is a clematis.


What is good technology, so the fact that we have access to virtually any patterns and shapes. From the number of needles depends on the complexity of the elements can be enough .Here are my examples of templates and forms.

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