This magnificent project can be easily turned into a three-dimensional picture without the use of ready-printed images.


You will need a set of water colour paints, brush and small Drawing couple sheets of plain paper.

Manual excision is necessary.

Instructions progress
1. Before you begin, consider this hydrangea petals. And you will see that every little flower buds after smoothing is almost square and consists of four petals. Practice paint petals in pairs.


2. Use the pink, pale blue and purple colors in highly diluted form. Paint over the entire surface of the two large sheets of paper a pair of petals.

Z. While painted petals dry, cut a circle out of cardboard the size of a large teacup. You will have a basis for petals.

4. After onto dry, cut four. PVA glue glue them to a piece of paper.

5. While the glue has cured, cut petals and shape them. Work continue with the rest of the petals in the same manner, but in the case when the adhesive dries quickly enough to be run simultaneously with a small number of petals.

6. When the petals harden, glue them together so that they crossed on the cardboard. Make sure the cover glued onto the edge.


7. Once the entire area will be closed cardboard petals, apply the second layer of petals.

8. Apply several layers of lacquer on the finished flower.

9. Before the paint to cure, as an additional stroke can be placed in the center of each flower small pink or blue bead. It adheres to the varnish and will look very impressive.

10. To recreate the compositions presented at the beginning of this project, you will need to make another flower head, painting the petals in blue tone.

11. Manufacture leaves a little more complicated. I sketched leaves, which found in his garden, but you can cut the leaves from magazines on gardening, glue them to a piece of cardboard with glue PVA and shape them until they have dried.


12. In framing the composition, I used an old pine frame, green with cream double mat and dark green background.
You can also use hydrangea for decoration gift box, as shown above.

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