Indian amulet bead earrings

Quickly. Simple. Beautiful. It’s about a set uicholskih jewelry from today’s master class. I offer you a small Indian amulet and in the same style of a pair of earrings.


I am interested in an amulet with an unusual weave through the middle of Aramara from Mexico and I have found similar earrings from Nierika (Etsy). From earrings particularly long time to understand it was not necessary, there are a total of five series, but the amulet though lagging quickly, yet brought a bit of trouble.


– Beads Czech 10/0 black, white, yellow, yellow-orange, orange, red, dark blue and krasnogi 1-2 g
– more beads Czech 10/0 two or more shades of blue and / or blue (for the amulet )
– or monofilament thread for beads;
– shvenzy and tools to work with accessories.

Let’s first look at how the data are weaved earrings. Their calm can be woven on monofilament. Size of finished earrings 4.5 cm in diameter.
1st row. Recruit 12 black beads, closable in the ring. We reserve the tip of a non-working no more than 5 cm and continue weaving.
2nd row. From node pass the needle in every 2nd in a row black bead, typing each time the loop of 5 white beads, all must come with us six such loops. At the end of the series we derive the needle through the last black bead and the first two in a row white beads on the first loop of the series.


3rd row. In this series, we will not make the loop. Just recruit PA1 black beads between loops 2nd row: the needle came out of the 2nd in a row of white beads on a loop walk on it as yet and the 3rd and 4th white. Dial black bead and puncture needle to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th white (just three) beads already on the next loop, etc. At the end of the series, type the last black bead, and the needle has only output from the 2nd and 3rd white beads on a loop (they are marked with red dots on the photo).

4th row. Now we are going to make big loops. We catch them in the central, 2nd in a row, white beads on the loops of the 2nd row and black beads between the hinges (and they both indicated on the photo pink dots). Type in the following sequence: 2 yellow – yellow-orange 2 – 2 orange – red 2 – 2 dark red – blue 2 – 4 black – blue 2 – 2 dark red – red 2 – 2 orange – yellow-orange 2 – 2 yellow beads. Total should reach 12 such loops. At the end of the row up the beads of the first loop color of this series, going all the colored beads and four black as well.

5th row. Tying together a loop. To do this, we take the first loop and twist it twice around its axis, for example, to the right. In this thread, too, looks to the right and the wrong way and we will continue to weave. Recruit just 4 black beads. Twist the next stitch and pass the needle through its central 4 black beads.

Repeat the same with all the other loops in the queue them spinning. Connect the first and the last (already twisted) loops together, fasten thread. If there is a little slack earrings, pass the needle a couple of times around the perimeter through all the black beads circuit. Make it to the desired location the small loop of 4-6 black beads (to match the contour of earrings) for fixing shvenzy. Go through it and beads bases two to three times for reliability.
Weave a second earring. Attach shvenzy. Finish.


Amulet of gossip in a similar way. The first three rows of braid as usual uicholsky flower. Can be used as a thread or monofilament. The size of the finished element 7.5 cm in diameter.
1st row. Recruit 12 black beads, have closed in the ring …
2nd row. Six loops of a dark red beads 5 beads in each through one of the black unit.
3rd row. Over loops – loops of 5 red beads, between – 1 black beads. Vkontse withdraw the needle up through the 2nd, 3rd and 4th beads of the first loop.
4th row. New loops do not recruit, but between the red dial 1 – 1 black – 1 red. Needle pass hinged on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th beads, three at once. At the end of the series to bring the needle through the 2nd and 3rd beads on a loop, ie, the middle of the loop.
(photo 8)
5th row. Recruit large loop. All of them will, as in the earrings, 12 pcs. Clings to the central red beads hinged 3rd row and black beads between the loops. Typeset this way: 1 dark red – red 1 – 1 orange – 1 yellow-orange – yellow 1 – 1 white beads, 3 black, 1 white – yellow 1 – 1 yellow-orange – 1 orange – 1 red – 1 dark red . At the end of the series to bring the needle to bead color loop up, reaching the three black and going through them as well.


6th row. Weave will unfold in the opposite direction: if still weaving, for example, I went to the right, then after the first loop looping once weaving goes to the left. Twisting loops around its axis once, connect them to each other each time after 4 black beads scored. At the end of several output needle into the middle of the color loop, the 2nd in a row black bead.

7th row. Now we need to dial the following provide a smooth edge 24 loops 5 blue beads. Starting from the middle of the loop color with black beads. Gaining the first blue loop. Skipping 1 black color and one black loop of four scored in the 6th, the needle pass into the two black beads, on the 2nd and 3rd in a row, scored between the loops. We collect the following blue loop, skipping 2 black beads and go through the middle black, 2nd in a row, the next color bead loop. At the end of the series to bring the needle through the black and two blue beads on a loop up to the next row.


8th row. Over the blue dial loops loops from 5 different shade of beads, such as light blue. But between the loops of the previous row to be inserted on 1 black bead, but not everywhere. This black beads should stay between the blue color of the loops the loop. Where it will not we just connect two blue loops together.
Enter the first light blue loop, needle puncture from the top down to 4th in a row bead on a loop of the bottom row. Immediately inject the needle to the 2nd in a row on the blue bead on the next loop from the bottom up. These two blue loops, we have combined together. Collect new light blue loop, go to 4th on the blue loop. Between this and the next couple of loops, enter 1 black bead and go in a new loop. So we have come 12 pairs of loops. Our amulet will be flat, as if we had typed after each loop of beads, he would become wavy. Must needle on a new row at the end as well as in the previous row.
9th row. It’s simple: instead of the usual loop of five beads, we collect 6 blue beads, needle back to the 5th and 4th from the newly recruited, forming clove, recruit 3 more blue, and as usual, we deduce the needle through the 4th in a row bead on a loop of the last row. Between all the loops to gain 1 black beads. And so the entire series. After graduating from the weaving, fasten thread.

Display the needle on one of the 24 teeth in the outermost bead. Stringing beads at your discretion, alternating colors and count beads as an amulet to easily dressed over his head. Hook the thread with beads on one of the neighboring teeth (between them should be about 3-4, but not more). Walk down the needle all the beads, making the chain tight.
… Master class was intentionally filmed in nature, in a special place, and at first everything was fine. But something went wrong: any technical problems with the amulet, it had doubled to tinker. This violated the “energy” … When I got home I realized that the amulet is necessary once again to correct. On the second day of the re-laced the entire outer part of the amulet, adding shades of blue for a smooth transition. So he became better, but lost all their properties and strength, though that was in the time of its “birth” in the forest and, like solar battery were drawn from the fire special energy fire. After the inside of the amulet, and earrings, too, is a bit like flames …


On the same day there was a desire to weave another such amulet. The second was at once in the same breath, and less than an hour he was ready. I wanted to try to sew it on a thin felt. I liked the result, it was decided to make the last Christmas decoration. I think that this element can be sewn anywhere and use it not only in jewelry, but also in the decoration of different things.

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