Jasmine bush from plastic bottles

That’s what real jasmine miracle – you can make your own hands! Sprig of jasmine from plastic bottles. Despite the fact that the bottles are recycled parts – hack gives a very nice and gentle! Operation is described below: Delete! Get great inspiration and get to work!



As you can see to work will need:

– Plastic bottles 3 colors

– Scissors and a bit of big beads

– Candles and matches

– Copper and steel wire

– Round and awl

– Planters, decorative plaster and baby


Row D: Cut a plastic preform seredinok, flowers and petals. Handle of the flow of hot air from about 10 cm. Above the candle. !!! To achieve the effect of smooth curves need when working with a candle eliminate drafts !!!Open the window … heated on a hotplate and an awl make holes in the center and flowers. On the copper wire to collect the flowers on four pieces in a bundle.


On steel wire collect branch … Silk thread length of 70-80 cm. Fold in the 8-10-five times, and gradually, using glue is wound on a twig.add from smaller to larger leaves and bunches of flowers ready …. Putting together and jasmine bush sadim in pots. I used construction starting gypsum. While the plaster is not frozen, top decorated decorative crumbs.





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