Jeans transform a skirt

Jeans transform a skirt

Jeans transform a skirt

a skirt! Yes, that’s how it was.
His old jeans (worn at school More)

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I wanted to throw out first.
But it seems like it is a pity … I decided to make one Egorka jeans (they are sewn, but is not yet ready). Cutting pants, grabbed the remains, sustained in the trash, but changed her mind on the road. I cut off the top of the jeans (just below his pants)


Well, after both the thumb! (Knitting I somehow closer than dressmaking and tailoring)


The resulting measurements of bottom denim skirt, a chain of c. n. the same length, tied ruches

That scheme ruffles


On the machine stitched to the skirt


Similarly, the second bonded ruches

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And third