Kaleidoscope block patchwork

Kaleidoscope block patchwork

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I was not the first time I pay attention to the patchwork block. which some call the “web” and someone “Kaleidoscope”.

The unit is simple enough when “much progress” such can sew an evening about twenty – this week will receive a full bedspread or blanket.

The secret – a neat sewing. weight to the center seams come together in one spot, and there was an ugly lump of tissue or a wrong side; This helps to solve the problem of reception “on the basis of sewing.”

Working with block “web”

1. From the normal writing paper cut out a square – in this case 10 cm. Put a paper square on the mat – substrate, aligning the edge with markings, and impose a ruler diagonally – from the upper left corner to move the line at 2.5 cm from the bottom right – also 2.5 cm.


2. turn the sheet 90 degrees and repeat the operation.


3. The result should look like in the photo – the four diagonals on a square of paper. Converging in the center, each line is separated from the edge by 2.5 cm.


. Razrezaem square two blanks


5. sew four consecutive flap of tissue on the workpiece by the scribed lines: first impose the central flap, nimu pinned down next to him, stitched along the line, turns away. Smoothing, imposes the following patch.


6. The result is such a shapeless block that we are cut off at the edges of the paper blank.


7. It turns neat block, as in the illustration. Please note, it is necessary to cut the seam allowances – about half a centimeter – centimeter wider framework;


8. Sew together the two halves of the block. Smooths seams, remove the paper. My note – I prefer to sew on the basis of using the nonwoven fabric with an adhesive surface, then, nature, nothing to tear off is not necessary. Interlining gives additional rigidity and makes the unit more neat and tidy -E.G.


9; Putting it in the finished blocks patchwork fabric. You can start with decorative pillows or bags, and when the technology will be developed, to sew the whole blanket. Very cute and the place looks just dotted monophonic blocks.


Note – half blocks made ​​of different flaps half – from greyish background fabric.
happy work!

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