Kanzashi flower

Kanzashi flower

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Kanzashi flower

Good day! Appliances kanzashi is not new and the Internet provide sufficient classes. But! These studs have one highlight. About her in the process.

Thus, cut into squares of cloth tape. I have a 4×4 cm. The key point – the fabric should melt.

Cut. Do normal acute petal. Square folded along a diagonal, again and again.



Slightly clipped tip clamped, melted. And then the fun begins. Molten tip is necessary as soon as possible “flatten”, but not as usual and inserting forceps into one side of the petal. Squeezed, “weld” become flat. So after reflow as quickly as possible throw lighter (not very far), intercept and ivy petal seam.


Cut the lower part of petal parallel to the top, can be a little harder to cut closer to the middle, then the petals are like recessed inside, too beautiful. After that, petal leveled, so nothing is nowhere bristled slightly melted the cut. Specially made with conventional fused petal to feel the difference. Thus, “zhzhem”. Have done a sufficient number of petals. Due to the resulting “roundness” tab on one flower petals do 5.


Armed with glue. Yes, as long as no sewing. Though it’s not exactly environmentally friendly and is contraindicated allergies. YES I DO! Do not hold the device close to your face when gluing, otherwise nanyuhaetes, poisoned air vents open, children are not allowed. Smeared a little about the seam and glue the petals (as already mentioned: 5 petals per flower). Helping yourself with tweezers where necessary. Aligns the top of the flower, as middle, there will be glued. If the bottom is a bit uneven – do not worry. As you can see, everything is quite aesthetically pleasing out, including the wrong side, which sometimes scares inexperienced lovers of needlework.


Now sticking beads in the middle. I – imitation pearls. Pasted on a simple truth Moment-crystal. The speed is not needed. Accuracy – our main credo! Here and daughter missed her mother and drag with a bunch of bugs. Leave to dry for half an hour. Now sew. Take monofilament and tedious sew pin to flower. Usually make the base. But if we do, we will close all the beauty, the flower will not be carved, why it was necessary to flatten the seam.


Hooray, sewn at last! Admiring the beauty and rejoice in what we have done!


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